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11 Things From 92 WC Triumph To Kate’s Boldness Carved The Mindset Of Every 90s Kid In The Country




Kids who grew up during the 90s saw a very different world. A lot different from what the previous ones or the current generation have witnessed. There were several such events which took place during those 10 years. The whole decade was so busy in so many ways. We saw the country going up, while we witnessed the worst downfalls. Each event played such a vital role in building our future. While there were some serious political conflicts, there were things which took this generation with an ‘aww’. 

These major events changed the world for us, as each new experience gave us a different set of direction for our future. After Zia regime, Pakistan was rising from the dust once again. There were times when we jumped out of our houses to celebrate, while at times we stayed home for weeks. The most important part of the decade came from the freedom of media. For the first time, we had new satellite channels. This new media gave us a new perspective on world and ourselves. Kids who were moving into their adulthood were exposed to a totally new culture, something they were simply not aware of.  From 92 WC triumph to Kate’ Boldness, there were some important moments which left a strong impact on every kid who grew up in 90s.

There were moments which told us that how good and talented we are, and if necessary we can achieve anything on a global level.

The sporting industry was on a rise and what we achieved it 90’s, is kind of unbreakable.

Jahangir Khan’s 10 Consecutive British Open Title – 1991


For the record 10th time, Jahangir Khan made history by winning the British Open title for 10 consecutive times in a row.

Pakistan Wins It’s First ICC Cricket World Cup – 1992


This was a dream come true, cricket the most famous game in Pakistan. This was the first ever white ball world cup with all color kits. Pakistan might have taken a rough start but under the leadership of Imran Khan, the cornered tigers came home with the World Cup Trophy.

Pakistan wins World Hockey Championship after 12 years – 1994

Paper Crush

The national game of Pakistan was once extremely popular among the masses. The country ruled the international arena giving some great talent to the game. In 1994, Pakistan once again ruled the stage by winning the World Championship after 12 years.

It was the time to show our MIGHT!

Pakistan becomes a nuclear power – 1998

Pakistan Defence

After India did the nuclear test earlier, Pakistan decided to show it’s might too. This has been a topic of debate for decades, whether Pakistan holds nuclear weapons or not. On May 28th, under the code name Chaghi I, Pakistan conducted its first public nuclear test.

The Kargil Conflict

The Express Tribune

We read about the two great Indo-Pak wars in our history books but this time we actually witnessed one. Pakistan & India went on to take each other on at Kargil. The two military forces clashed each other, both claimed their share of success but it was for the first time the generation witnessed the national rigor in themselves.

Who is Monica? and what the president of United States doing with her?

NY Post

As the nation was exposed to international news channels, the younger generation who was more enthusiastic about what’s happening in the world grabbed the piece of news which shocked almost all of the American nation. Television personality, Monica Lewinsky who was a White House intern came to highlight because of having an inappropriate relationship with Clinton. Monica admitted to having at least 9 such encounters and later Clinton too accepted to have such relationship with her. In a country like ours nobody especially the younger generation had no idea on how to deal with the situation, either to make fun out of it or understand what’s such kind of relationship means. Also, there wasn’t much cyber education for the kids in those days, they believed what they saw or read.

The introduction of new age media, dish TV, Cable TV and launch of private TV Channels.

It all started in the early 90s when the government of Pakistan gave way to a private company known as STN to launch a semi-government channel. The channel collaborated with CNN and BBC to broadcast their programs in this region. In the mid 90’s they partnered with another company under the name of NTM, to have Pakistan’s first private slot.

Boys & Girls can be FRIENDS!


This series had a huge impact on every teenager in the country. Obviously, it was not something which ran through the masses, but kids going to modern schools in urban towns were all hooked up. They were introduced to the concept of having a girl or a boy as best friends. Finally, there was another name for the relationship and they understood that a man and a woman can be friends as well.

The Gen-Y teenagers finally had more than they expected


The teenagers consumed media more than the entire generation of our parents. Earlier, the kids had the same old repetitive kind of content. However, with the first private channel, they had options. From new cartoon series to prime time action pack television series, there was so much to explore. With so much in hand, these kids went on to explore more.

The birth of satellite channels


Earlier, private TV channels were not allowed to broadcast their own news. However, as Pakistan was preparing to enter the 21st century, they decided to free media like all other developed nations. Indus TV was the first time to step up as one of media’s guru, Ghazanfar Ali took a brave step by bringing the first satellite channel. There was a wave of fresh content, something which was way ahead of what people had seen on the national television. One after another, people jumped into this business bringing their own channels.

With this change, we witnessed new avenues such as separate platforms for entertainment, news, and music. Also, these opportunities opened doors for present-day megastars. Celebrities such as Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan all paved their way to mainstream media with the help of music channels. Music channels were the main source of entertainment for youth. Most of the people had seen our neighboring country with all these young and bold VJs. It was time we had our own!

However, with Indian channels landing in through Dish TV & Cable TV, the newly born industry faced the threat!

Make a GIF

The Tulsi’s and Parvati’s of the Indian TV shows did not take much time to find their space in our market. The intense, confusing stories and topped up with all the glamor was again a new taste for audiences. Though their music didn’t find the same place in our market, TV was way quicker in making an impact. Millions of viewers were tuned in to these soaps and soon it became an addiction for many.

International Cinema found it’s little space here.

Kate Winslet was part of every kid’s adulthood journey


Pakistani cinema wasn’t doing well and there were hardly some good movies. The urban towns had fewer options, thus the cinema owners finally worked hard to bring the international cinema to bring back the lost audiences. While many blockbuster movies were released during that period but it was one which found itself on every cover. One of the biggest hit and the movie which opened up everyone, was the real-life historical drama, Titanic. Not only the movie got a massive response due to its epicness but also for a lot of other reasons. Kate Winslet, who made her Hollywood debut actually awaked the entire generation with her beauty and boldness. The entire teenage generation went out to search for the movie for one scene which took every kid on its journey from childhood to adulthood.


These 13 Sassy Looks By Sonya Hussyn During Her Movie Promotions Will Give You Major Fashion Goals




Though she has been a constant target on social media for one thing or the another. However, we can not deny that she is a style diva and pretty much carries everything she wears with elegance. As we go through her recent looks during the promotional events for her upcoming movie Azaadi. All we can say is, these 13 sassy looks by Sonya Hussyn will give you serious fashion goals. With each look, she has stunned the fashion pundits with her style sense. Whether it was a traditional outfit or she had to go with a more modern look, she looked amazing.

1. She broke the internet with her two-color pair of shoes.


Though she received a lot of backlash for making such a fashion statement, however, there were many of her fans who loved the idea!

2. She looks simple yet elegant in this purple by Kokab Zia.

3. She takes the spring jacket with crop top by Natasha Akmal.

She definitely raised the bar with this royal look. 

4. The team was on Pakistan’s top show Jeeto Pakistan. She wore a simple white designed by Zainab Salman.


5. The Azaadi Girl even took a white top with casual jeans during the meet & greet sessions.

6. She definitely gave the killer looks with her co-star Moammar Rana during her promotional photoshoot.

7. She simply took everyone’s breath away with the traditional classic look by Zara Shah Jahan.

Isn’t she stunning? 

Damn, such poetic look.

8. The star cast did an iftar at the Edhi Homes with Bilquis Edhi and his son. She wore this beautiful white outfit by MIRAKA.

9. Sonya carried an amazing regal look by Elan on TV One’s eid show.

10. The suite style eastern outfit by Studio design looks perfect on Sonya for an evening outing.

11. Well, she didn’t disappoint us with her modern casual looks. She mixed it pretty well, as she wore a Khussa with this outfit by Khaadi Chapter Two.

12. Well, she is a true diva!

13. And how can we Ignore the Saree’s

This is not just it, she looks gorgeous in this saree by Saira Shakira. 

This gives everyone Saree goals on a whole new level.

Isn’t she gorgeous? you can’t doubt that Sonya Hussyn has given everyone some serious fashion goals. If you are looking for something for your evening gatherings, then here you have the best trends by Sonya Hussyn.

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Choosing The Right Shade Of White




Choosing paint colours can be a pain, especially when you’re confronted with a palette full of different shades that look almost the same to you. While there are 50 shades of grey, but there are also many shades of white. And so, we asked paint professionals at AkzoNobel for some tips on choosing the right shade of white for your home.

“Although it’s hard to go wrong with a white base, picking the right shade of white does make a difference,” they say. “Look closely at a wall painted in a cool white and a wall painted in a warm white, and you’ll immediately notice that the two aren’t alike at all.”


  • If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, choose warm whites that have a little red or yellow in them. These hues create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, so they are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • North-facing rooms generally have weak, cool natural light, so you’ll need to compensate by choosing a warm white.
  • To make your living room feel cosy and welcoming, try using honey white or primrose white.
  • Warm mauve and lilacs are also wonderful relaxing colours. If you’re dreaming of having soothing bedroom ambience, choose a hue like violet white or blueberry white.
  • But if you’d prefer a warm, sunny look throughout the day, then pick a white with tones of cream and peach.
  • If you want your room to appear larger, then choose a white that tends towards a warm blue, perhaps with a hint of purple. Dulux Light & Shade paints would be a good place to start as it contains the Lumitec technology that reflects twice as much light as compared to normal emulsion paints, and is available in a lovely range of pastel-hued whites.

For the living room and bedroom, the best option is to choice the colour from Dulux Easy Care as it’s a kid proof technology and makes wall easy to clean without damaging the paint layer.


  • Cool whites have blue, grey or green undertones, making them look crisp and clean. For a serene, contemporary look, try using cool whites to create strong silhouettes and sharp lines. You’ll find that they also do a great job of showing off striking accessories and artwork.
  • South-facing rooms usually have plenty of strong light from sunshine, so you may find it helpful to choose a cool white that balances glare.
  • If you’re looking to create a lively atmosphere, choose a cool white with a hint of orange or gold. If you want to evoke a relaxing ambience, then add a little bit of calm green, such as sage, into your white.
  • Calm greens and blues are perfect for encouraging a good night’s sleep. If this is your priority, choose a white with a hint of teal or moss. But for a revitalising lift to get you out of bed in the morning, pick a white with a touch of gold, such as light caramel.
  • To make the most of a small space, it’s best to choose a cool white such as pearl or almond. Or for an understated, contemporary look, pick one with a touch of green or blue, such as cool duck egg blue.

If you’re still unsure of which shade of white to pick for your walls, try out the Dulux Visualiser App (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) to preview the colours in your home first.



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12 Interesting Things People With Curls Can Actually Relate To




Source: Instagram/ Annie Khalid

Having curls is one of the most exciting yet challenging things one can have. They have these special magnetic powers to make people look at you. However, one can become a little agitated because managing this kind of hair is slightly difficult. But still, you can not deny the fact that they look great. Here are some of the most interesting things people with curls can actually relate to.

1. Like, are they always like this, naturally?


Normally, you have to rely on your luck but yeah they come naturally!

2.No hairbrush needed …

Animated Gifs

Ah! Not necessarily … it goes with the flow.

3. How do make it look so cool?


You mean this cool???

4. It takes a lifetime of effort and styling products to get there

The Cut

You wanna know how much do we have spent on hair products annually?

5. Sleeping with wet hair can become a nightmare


Can give an audition for any horror movie in that state.

6. How do you do that? all that fluffy look


It’s magic!

7. Reaching somewhere late is one genuine reason!


Yes, it’s not a lie …

8. Trying something new not only takes time but also dedication and patience


It just doesn’t work like this.

9. No matter how much effort you make, there will always be one curl who would not go with the flow

We Hear It

Simply because he doesn’t want to be …

10. One bad wind or rain could ruin all your effort


In just a single moment.

11. Not sure but it’s not the best of the compliments, you look so great in straight hair


You mean my natural hair looks bad on me?

12. And our last, the worst of the enemy of the curls is Humidity!


It becomes sweaty and itchy during humid conditions. You really need to bang you hair together to avoid that.


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