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18 Things About Pakistani Summers & People Who Hate It Can Relate To




It’s that time of the year when the scorching sun is shining bright on our heads. Morning’s sunshine is definitely not welcoming anymore. As soon as the summer season hits the floor, your head starts feeling the heat. At times it’s too frustrating that all you want in life is it to get over with the season ASAP. Summer lasts for long and you often feel miserable mainly because you have to take care of so many things to cope with the season while maintaining your sanity. Here are 18 things about Pakistani summers which you can relate to.

1. Load Shedding


Oh well, this had to be the first point, no? The worst nightmare for all of us, load shedding. Especially when you are about to go asleep or are already asleep, these power cuts are the most frustrating part of the summer season.

2. When you sit in a car parked under the scorching sun for a couple of hours


it feels like it’s burning …

3. And if you ride a bike, then the last thing you want for your roasted bumps is


an icebox to chill them out!

4. You hate the hot breeze everytime you walk out!


we call this ‘Looh’, every time it hits you it takes a fraction of your energy.

5. When your mother asks you to go out to get something in the middle of the day.


The torture is unimagineable.

6. Overcrowded public transport

The Arcade

During peak hours you don’t have many option and at times it gets difficult to ignore the sweaty smell of fellow passengers especially in buses.

7. Sweating


How can you possibly get away from this?

 8. Your stock for deodorants & perfumes runs out like a speed of light


you just don’t spray, you take a bath.

9. And if someone walks in from outside with all that sweaty smell



10. You need to take shower more than once in a day


Because you simply can’t get away without it.

11. When you have too much hair to handle

We Hear It

Yes, all that sweat makes it itchy!

12. When the AC doesn’t work properly at work


Just f**k off!

13. You just need someone to give you a call

FM 104


14. ‘Chai pe aja’ going out is a difficult option


Every boy can relate to this as even the hangout sessions look painful. Dining out in an open area becomes the worst option during the season.

15. Also the summer weddings!


Dressing up in this heat is the toughest job to do. Why do people even think of getting married in summers?

In all this, your only expectation is …

16. To sit in front of AC all day

Grab on Rent

Oh Yes!

17. Please give some rain


You check the weather updates daily just to know when it’s going to rain

18. You wait for the month of October more than anything


Your last hope!



10 Reasons Why Guys Should Pay On A Date & Hey, It’s Not Against Feminism




In the midst of the debate over gender equality, there is always few questions left unanswered. One such question is about paying for the first date. A lot of women believe that there is nothing wrong if they had to pay. However, we believe that there are still things which should be kept aside the gender war. Honestly, its a great gesture for someone you care. Here are 10 reasons why guys should pay on a date.

1. Somethings goes best the ‘old school’ way


There is a general courtesy and such acts of decency are not against women empowerment. Neither they challenge the status quo of modern day women. Praising someone or giving them a nice bouquet of flowers or opening the door for her on the first date is all about leaving a great first impression.

2. It’s not friendship


Always remember you are not there as a friend. While you are on a date, you are surely not out there to make friends where you would split the bill. This night is a special one and carries different rules.

3. Everybody wants to get pampered, no matter how empowered are you.


Even if you are the one who likes to take control over things, there is no harm in getting pampered. Being cared for is a great gesture on a date. At least it tells you that the guy would care about you if you decide to go on with the relationship.

4. It’s not about money


Taking to you a nice place and paying the bill is not about showing how well you do. Whatever you are paying is more about valuing your company. This shows how much they value your time and company, no matter whatever is the size of the bill.

5. If he is the one asking you out, then he should take the lead


There are hardly any such instances where a woman would ask someone out for a date. Generally, men approach women and ask them out for a date. So, if you have asked someone then he should have the courtesy to bare the expenses. Afterall, she is the guest and one should treat them well if they have accepted the invitation.

6. It speaks volume about your character


Well, you two might not see each other for the next date but at least it leaves a decent impression. It shows what kind of man are you made of and the kind of people you are surrounded with. Also if he is doing it for the first doesn’t mean that he will continue to do so. It just shows that he values you and he is generous enough to take care of that one night.

7. A date is a costly affair for a woman


Noone can deny that a girl has to take care of more than one thing. She has to think about her wardrobe, her looks, hairstyle and everything else to look perfect. Though things are changing, still everyone expects a girl to look great on her first date. So, if it costing a girl so much to meet someone’s expectations then at least the guy can take care of the bill.

8. You can always return the favor, everybody gets their turn


Even if you can afford to pay or share the bill, doing it on the first date is not the best option. It looks as if you keep a count on things. A healthy relationship is based on giving and takes. You will always have your turn. Maybe you can gift them something later or ask them for a cup of coffee after the dinner. If you two get along, you can always put turns to pay the bills.

9. It tells you that you are welcoming and give space in a relationship

Teen Idle

It also speaks a lot about your mentality. If you are allowing him then it shows that you respect him and have no issues in sharing the space. Also, it helps him take a step forward and share his feelings with you. This can only happen if both develop this kind of trust between each other.

10. There are more important issues which need to be addressed when it comes to gender equality


When it comes to gender equality, there is a lot more to handle. Our society is still fighting for equal pay in so many industries. Gender roles are being constantly questioned and luckily a guy paying for a date is not an issue on the table. In fact, these little gestures help understand the roles in more convenient manner.





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Fact Correction: Islam Has Nothing To Do With Honor Killings



It is kind of absurd to imagine that even in this era of modern technology where science has put a man to the moon, developed flying vehicles, and women are encouraged to compete with their male counterparts in all fields of life, some poor woman is being killed in the name of honor by her own family just because she demanded to live her life on her own terms in front of people she thought will always protect and care for her.

Sadly, in almost 90% of the honor killing cases, it is the woman who is blamed primarily and has to face punishment. This goes out to prove an extent of misogyny embedded in the mindsets of such so-called honor upholders. Boys involved in any incident get away easily and are almost never put into the equation. This furthermore assures the extent of discrimination against girls and women.

Samaa TV

Lack of education is the core issue

Honor killing is a serious problem on a global level, according to statistics, 5000 women reportedly lose their lives by the hands of honor annually and nearly 1000 such cases are annually reported in Pakistan and India.

Sadder is the fact that almost half of such cases are never even reported to authorities, these homicides are deceived to look accidents and in some cases, these poor girls are even forced to commit suicide. Apart from murder, victims are mentally tortured, shamed and beaten. Many cases have reported of acid being thrown at victims.

Honor killing is a sickening practice prevailing in developing countries, almost rare in developed countries. A deeper study of these cases leads back to only one major cause- illiteracy. Nearly every case of honor killing has emerged from the rural part where people priorities their flawed cultural norms more than education and human rights.

Education plays a vital role in teaching a person right from wrong and in reinforcing their morals. In these rural areas, the standard of education is so poor, it’s impossible to learn anything of value except curriculum. It’s a practice most common in sub-continent and it haunts the women of community living in these areas.

Marrying someone of your own choice continues to be a common factor in the majority of the cases

Unlike the west, where a woman is standing up against misogyny and gender discrimination/oppression, it’s difficult for women living in the sub-continent to express their views due to the widespread misogyny infected mindset of the community.

A deeper analysis shows a pattern that is much more intense in uneducated rural areas as compared to educated urban areas. In such areas, women are barred from interacting with the opposite gender let alone falling in love with one or getting to decide which man to marry and if a woman is found doing that, she ultimately becomes a stain on the family’s name and is killed in the name of honor.

This leads to question whether this really is 21st century or not? Have we achieved all sorts of scientific marvels but are unable to give respect and liberty to women.

In 2015, 1,096 cases of honor killings were reported in Pakistan, the causes of which mainly were disputes, pre-marital relationships and personal choice in marriage. Most of these victims were shot to death. Meanwhile, in India, the percentage of honor killings in India increased by 796% from 2014 to 2015.

While there is no special law in India to tackle the issue of honor killing, the Pakistani government has implemented a punishment of at least 25 years for the killer in addition to a DNA test to furthermore punish the perpetrator.

Honor Killings & Islam

Some people blame Islam to be the reason behind honor killing and promotion of women oppression while the reality is the total opposite of the claim. Islam literally means peaceful. Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world and the only religion to provide the woman with the status she deserves in society.

1,400 years ago, women were far from being considered as humans, were treated like animals and were made victims of horrible crimes such as rape and slavery. Islam is the first religion to protect women and quote the worth of a woman. Furthermore, Islam despises harm let alone murder.

Centuries ago Islam told parents to ask their daughters of their will before marriage. Islam has clearly given a woman a right to decide. Extremism, illiteracy, and discrimination shouldn’t be mixed with religion. It’s the people’s twisted understanding of the culture that allows them to take a life over honor, not religion.

Islam labels murder as the worst of crimes and says that the murder one being is the murder of the whole humanity. Can Islam really promote such a heinous crime? Think for yourself.

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8 Unnecessary Assumptions You Might Be Making Out Of Everything Your Partner Says




Source: Youtube/ Dice Media/ Little Things

In every relationship, one thing which ruins everything is too much overthinking about everything your partner says. This is not just relationship with your life partner but goes the same with everyone. At times, people look for those hidden meanings when your partner says anything. It’s not that they are actually willing to do such, people put the words in their mouth just to hear what they want. Too much stressing about what your partner said and overthinking can ruin any relationship.

Such things can also manipulate a relationship in different ways, making too many assumptions can lead an unexpected path.  Acting as if you know what your partner wants to say or what they meant can disrupt a relationship. Here are 8 unnecessary assumptions you might be making out of everything your partner says. Rather than creating your own versions, it’s best to practice active listening and understand what they really wanted to say,

1. You only listen to the key point and hang on to it, leaving behind the rest of the conversation


While listening to your partner, you only focus on the leading point of the conversation. If you just hold on to that point and leave behind the rest what was said then you were not really into the conversation. If you are not listening to their complete side of the story, then you can’t really respond to it in a correct manner. If you think you have understanding issues, then you can repeat what they said just to make sure that you got their point right.

2. Not ready to take it back


It’s important to learn to take criticism, especially if that is coming from someone you love. If you are ok giving your feedbacks but not ready to take that, then you are not moving anywhere. This normally happens when you have already assumed that you don’t need to change. People stop taking criticism seriously or simply avoid them because they believe they have everything going in the right direction.

3. You will always have a different interpretation of your conversation


This is totally normal, as humans we have a tendency to judge things differently. Every individual can have a different version of the same story. This all depends on how did they intercept the piece of communication. When it comes to relationships, assuming something different can lead to a different outcome. When you are not confident about your relationship then this is most likely to happen. If two people are having two different versions of a story, they would end up in an unnecessary argument. It’s always wiser to run the conversation through your partner just to make sure that both of you are on the same page.

4. You manipulate your relationship


It’s been noticed many times that people tend to manipulate certain situations in a relationship. They do it to test their partner or to see what they wish to see. In doing that, you might not realize that you are pushing your partner unnecessarily. Testing someone you love is an act of untrustworthiness.  Also, a lot of times people don’t actually realize that they are doing such things. They just end up doing it, damaging their relationship in a long run. People use different techniques to trigger such behaviors, such as shutting up a conversation, giving a silent treatment to your partner.

5. You run an analysis on everything they say


One does not necessarily have to evaluate everything that is said.  If you are running a forensic test on each and every conversation that you have serious trust issues in your relationship. This actually means that you are trying hard to find something which can create some kind of trouble. If you end up analyzing each world that is being said or written just to create something out of it then your relationship is already heading towards harm’s way.

6. You don’t set a limit on your relationships with your family & friends

Head Over Heels

We all share our lives with our family and friends. There is nothing wrong with doing that but this doesn’t mean that they become a part of your life. However, if there is too much of an exchange than that could harm your relationship. If you are constantly listening to them, then you might start depending on their suggestion. Remember they are not in your shoes and they might not be able to see the whole picture. Also, because they only know your side of the story. Such interference can only create negativity in your relationship.

7. Always thinking how bad your life is and how worse it can get


A lot of many people find hard and get stuck in their past. If you are not about to get out of it then your relationship will come to an end soon. Whenever you think of having a conversation, you think of all the worst things that can happen to your relationship. Only because you had some bad past experiences. You can never move forward in a relationship if you hold yourself back, what’s important is to think of all the positive things and work on getting things better.

8. Creating your own ending


If you are waiting for things to slip off your hands with your own assumptions. If you have already created your own story and if you are looking for that one point then you will have it. If you go so deep into something then there are high chances that you will end up having it. People start behaving in a way that would push them to react in a certain manner. Such actions often occur during heated conversations and your only focus is to hear that one thing running through your mind, then there are high chances that you might not hear it at all. All you would end up having is unnecessary stress and anxiety all the time.



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