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Here Are 6 Top Hair Trends You Need To Try This Year By Nabila




Nabila/ Nsight With Nabila

The top name in Pakistani fashion industry, Nabila needs no introduction. She is recognized all over the world and is considered as fashion guru in Pakistan. A lot of people believe she is a magician who can transform any face she touches. She has won 9 Lux Style awards since 2004. Eight of these awards came for the Best Makeup and style category. She has recently launched her youtube channel NSIGHT FOR NABILAThe channel brings all the latest trends and behind the scene from the world of Nabile. A recent video shared 6 top hair trends you need to try this year by Nabila

She is not only a stylist, she is an inventor who brought “no-make” and “zero makeup”. Nabila strongly believes in giving a natural look and launched her own line of products in 2015.


Good news for all the ladies out there who want to look different and fresh this year. The top stylist brings you the top hair trends in 2018. The video features the leading faces such as Iqra Aziz, Sanam Saeed, and Sonya Hussayn. 

1. Minky Grey

source: Nsight with Nabila

2. Cherry Brown

source: Nsight with Nabila

3. Butterscotch By lights

source: Nsight with Nabila

4. Hidden Layers

source: Nsight with Nabila

5. Curtain Bangs

source: Nsight with Nabila

6. Box BOB!

source: Nsight with Nabila

These styles sure look great and it can’t get better when it’s coming from the top the top stylist of the country.

source: Nsight with Nabila

Here is the link to the video:


Iqra Aziz Looks Stunning In Her Recent Photo shoot By Daniyal Naqvi




Image Credits: Daniyal Naqvi

If you haven’t heard about Daniyal Naqvi, he is one of emerging fashion and commercial photographers in Pakistan. He got his education from one of the prestigious art school, Karachi School of Arts. Danyial got his degree in Communication Design and has been with the media industry for last 5 years. He has also worked on mega projects such as Jalaibee and Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani. His work and lens both speak for itself. Iqra Aziz looks stunning in her recent photo shoot and Danyial has done an amazing job.

Daniyal did this photoshoot for a leading publication ‘OK Pakistan’

This is not the first time Iqra has posed for the leading photographer.

Iqra is not the only celebrity who got featured by Daniyal.

Humaima Malik is one of those names too …

The recent crush of Pakistani girls, Ahad Raza Mir is in the list too …

The fashion stylist, designer, and actress Zara Noor Abbasi!

The gorgeous Sajal Ali!

He sure has something special and the talent speaks for himself. If you want to see more of Daniyal’s work, you can follow him on Instagram @daniyalnaqvie 

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Do You Know Your Shoes Reveal A Lot About Your Personality




Your footwear is one of the most important parts of your dressing. In fact, a lot of people has a habit of observing the footwear as soon as they see someone. It is adviced by many corporate gurus that you should pay special attention to your footwear during an interview. A good pair of shoes can make a strong impression. A lot of studies have been done to study the pattern. Sometimes, these patterns convert into a trend and soon become a symbol. The most interesting part is that your shoes reveal a lot about your personality.

Casual Shoes – Sneakers!

NDTV Movies

People who like wearing sneakers are considered more mentally stable. They suffer from less anxiety and are more open-minded in their approach. Also, they have a more liberal way of living life.

Glitz & Glamour – Expensive Shoes

Hollywood Reporter

High price shoes reflect having a good taste and also confidence. They have a bit of an attitude, not necessarily negative but they make their presence felt whenever they enter a room. However, they have anxiety issues as they are too concern about their looks.

The Boots!

Fashion Dresses

People who enjoy wearing boots are mentally tough but they lack trust issues. They are aggressive in nature and they like to do things on their own. Though this makes them a little self-centered, however, they are definitely fearless.


The old-fashioned – well-maintained shoes


Your shoes might me old fashioned but they are well kept, which shows your discipline in life. They are confident and broad-minded people who strongly believe in principles.

The regular ones – practical shoes


They are more practical in life and carry a lot of positivity. Also, they are very generous and highly acceptable in nature.

The boring shoes …

Selena Gomez arrives for The Late Show With David Letterman.

They are considered as carefree and don’t really worry about what’s happening around them. Also, they find a little hard to keep up with their relationships. They continue to struggle from one place to another.


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Kim Kardashian New Look For Vogue In A Lehanga Looks Absolutely Fabulous




source: Scoopwhoop/ Vogue India

World’s top reality show star Kim Kardashian is well known among across the globe. Her show Keeping With Kardashians is one of the most watched reality TV shows in the world. Because of its massive popularity, it has become one of the longest-running show on television. As one of the leading names in fashion, she is considered as one of the most sought-after cover models in the world. This is not the first time that she has graced the covers of Vogue. She has featured in many of the international covers of the Vogue franchise.

source: Style Barista

The upcoming issue of Vogue India will feature Kim K on the covers.

Couture tulle saree-dress with looping hoodie, belt, bangles; all @jpgaultierofficial

She is one of the most followed stars on social media with 108 Million followers on Instagram only. She is known for her curves and never leaves the limelight with her sensational post, which we often get to see on social media. This is for the first time that she has posed for a magazine for this region. And she didn’t surprise at all with her usual seductive poses.

Dress @philipppleininternational; Ring @outhousejewellery

It’s simply impossible if her fans don’t get any jaw-dropping stuff from her side. She definitely knows how to raise the temperature, no matter which page it is.

Shimmer ruffled dress, Falguni Shane Peacock

However, it was not her usual poses which made the news. She took a perfect bridal look and she looked fabulous in it!

In her show, she mentioned once about her interest in Indian dresses. She wanted to try those and that’s where she got an opportunity to feature in Vogue India. She wore a lehanga designed by fashion director Vogue India, Anita Shroff Adajania. And we can easily that she did a brilliant job. This is not the Kim K we are used to and she looked absolutely beautiful giving some crazy bridal goals to everyone preparing for the wedding season!

All images photographed by Greg Swales for Vogue India, March 2018 issue.

Styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India.

Hair by Chris Appleton and makeup by Mario Dedivanovic.


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