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7 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Pakistani Football Fan



Football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you live in Pakistan. A sport that has seen phenomenal growth in the last decade or so – thanks to the internet and (banned) Indian sports channels – is still miles behind cricket as far as sports fandom in Pakistan is concerned. So naturally, those who don’t know football or follow it, don’t get it. They just don’t. Who will explain to them how our week gets ruined if our club loses the weekend’s league game? How do I explain my overwhelming happiness to them when my team beats their biggest rival? Nope, they won’t understand.

Here are seven things you experience as a Pakistani football fan if you’re born in a family that has nothing to do with football:

1. How can this be “your” team? Your team is Pakistan because you are Pakistani.’


Raise your hand if you have heard that before. Our family never gets the sense of ownership that comes along with football fandom. For them, no team other than Pakistan can be “your” team. Matlab tum to wahan rehte bhi nahi ho yawr.

2. Your family never understands or respects your football schedule.


We wait the entire week for our team’s football game. We go through stressful buildups through the week having read through hundreds of preview articles, watching countless compilation videos of our favorite players, engaging in banter with rival fans and clearing up our schedule for matchday ONLY to be forced to take our moms to your khala’s darzi for “urgent” chores. FML.

3. They are baffled by your football emotions.

You lose it when your team concedes a goal and you absolutely lose it (in a good way) when your team scores or wins. Your house is a mad place when a game is on – you’re shouting, cursing, screaming in joy, ranting and what not. All of this – your family doesn’t get it. Have you ever been scolded by your mum, dad or dada/dadi after celebrating like mad during your team’s goal on a Champions League night? Yep, me too.

4. Our mood for the week is decided by the outcome of the weekend game. Your family: “We don’t give a shit!”


Whether your team wins or loses the weekend game decides the fate of your entire week. If they win, we’re the happiest people in the world and everything seems nice and shiny and beautiful and heck, we even happily drive our sisters to their friends for their get-togethers. BUT if our team loses, then hello darkness, my old friend. You don’t want to be troubled, you don’t want to socialize and you sure as hell do not want to attend stupid family gatherings. All you want is isolation. Your family gets none of this and secretly believes you have turned into a psychopath.

5. They pick the exact time of your match to run a household errand with you.


I am fully convinced it’s a conspiracy against football and football fans. Your family will want an “urgent” unavoidable errand to be run at the exact god damn time your match will be on. There will be no way to dodge it or do it later because apparently the world will end and everything will cease to exist.

6. They don’t take you seriously when you tell them you want a football loving partner.


In a Pakistani family, this question is often thrown at you: “Tumhe kaisi larki/larke chahye?” The innocent football fan in us seriously tells them I’d like a partner who loves football like I do and what do they do? They laugh at you, mock you and tell you to get a life. How do we tell them how beautiful and synchronized our life will be if we both love football? Never mind.

7. They don’t understand that the greatest happiness in our lives is our football team’s victory.


Football is life. Football is everything. It is the greatest single invention of mankind. It is the reason for our happiness and all the good things in our lives. Try explaining that to your family!

So, to all Pakistani football fans out there, I feel for you! Just keep going and don’t let anyone dampen your love for football. Roll on the World Cup!

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The 10 Not So Right Things That Can Happen On A First Date




Everyone’s first date is always special. No matter if it’s before getting engaged or after, it means something to everyone. You always remember the special moments from your first date. By first, we don’t mean the very first. It would be the first with your partner. People these days have many first dates. The first experiences can be exciting and sometimes awkward. We have shortlisted the 10 not so right things that can happen on a first date.

1. Arriving Late


This is the worst thing you can do on a date. Be early but never reach late. It leaves an extremely bad impression on your partner.

2. Using your phone


This is completely against the ethics. When you are meeting someone for the first time this leaves a very bad impression on the other person. 

3. Trying to be too funny


Don’t try to be so funny. People who act too funny are normally little non-serious and often fail to solve complex situations.

4. Don’t eat like, as if you have eaten your whole life.


Remember you are there for someone else. It’s not the food you are there for. 

5. Don’t be too full of yourself


Just don’t talk about yourself, too much of ‘me’ can ruin everything. The other person is not there to learn about how awesome you are, they are there to know someone who they can spend their life with. 

6. Avoid being controversial.


There will be a lot of time to learn about each other’s opinions on things if the date goes well. So, first take it to the next step. Don’t pass on any comments which may trigger someone’s emotional side.

7. Trying to get an answer for everything


There is no need to investigate everything. Take it lightly on the first date, you don’t each other so well. Too much digging can get too personal and offend the other person.

8. Talk to the hotel staff nicely.

All Women Talk

Your behavior is the most important thing if you want to have a second chance. How you behave and deal with other people is a testimonial of this. 

9. Tip them nicely


This shows how generous are you and you care about such small things.

10. The awkward silence


The worst of all is going silent during the conversation. Such silence gives the other person an impression that you are not really interested in them or the meeting.

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13 Most Common Things All Of Us Do With Our Best Friends




Best friends a blessing & they are meant to be something special. An internal bond, which lives through the rest of our lives. Your best of friends are like your pillars, which makes you feel stronger when you are down. They are your true strength and always someone you can rely on for an honest advice. Even, if it hurts they would put the truth on your face. Here are 13 most common things all of us do with our best friends and that makes our relationship with them beautiful.

1. If they hate you, then so do I.


can’t really do much about it, this is how it works.

2. TAG them, everywhere!


Whenever you find something interesting on Facebook, they are the first ones to know.

3. They remember everything which is important to you


They will always remind you of the submission dates of your assignments, exams schedule and even about meet-ups

4. You can gossip all night and day


All those little secrets. 

5. You trust them with everything.


You share with them all the good and bad things have happened to you. 

6. Find out everything about their crush


Even though it’s their choice, but you will always have some doubts. In fact, you want the best and don’t want them to get hurt. Therefore, you always run your full inspection on them to find out everything you can. 

7. You are like a family, everybody knows you


Everybody around the corner knows you, the only person they have seen their kid hanged out with is you, from phone calls to everything, they know you are important. 

8. You call their dad or mom directly when you can’t trace them


You have all the emergency numbers.

9. Go down the memory lane and find all the embarrassing moments and share them on social media


Where the f**k they find that.

10. Group calls!


Getting on a conference call whether its a latest gossip or to discuss a meet-up plan

11. Borrow each other’s stuff without worrying when to return it.


You know when you don’t have anything where to go to. In fact, at times on a special day, they would offer their things so that you look the best.

12. Staying at each other house for movies


Watching your favorite movies together, staying at each other place and later discussing it.

13. Look for each other’s back.


You are always ready to save each other’s ass. It could be a random call from their home, inquiring about them or maybe something else. You are always ready with a story proving your friend innocent and not-guilty. 

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5 Things You Hear Every Day If You Are A Talkative Girl




We all talk about how difficult it is to hear things about yourself if you are an introvert person. Like people constantly judge you and aim their taunts at you for not being as social as them. However, what no one talks about is how painful it could be to be an overly social person. So today we would share with you 5 things you hear every day if you are a talkative girl.

1. ‘Yar Iskay Moonh Me Koi Filter Nahi’?

filter copy

This is one of the biggest negative comments that a talkative girl has to hear. Since she loves talking, people start assuming that it’s their right to judge her. A lot of them even dare say things like ‘don’t you have a filter in your mouth’ right to your face if you are one.

2. ‘Kya Kha Kar Aee Thee’?

Rebel Circus

It’s actually funny how you can be judged that you have these superpowers after eating something. It’s like one of the old superstitions we had, that’s the reason it is said to the person who talks a lot ‘kawway khaay hain kya’?


3.  ‘Iska Susral Main Kaisay Guzara Hoga’?


‘How would your MiL bear you’? ‘You would have to change yourself’ are the two things talkative girls hear all the time. Its high time people realize that how a girl lives with her susral is none of their business.

If you are a person who loves to poke your nose in another girls’ personal space, know that your daughter could go through the same situation soon!

4. ‘You Are Using your Tongue more and mind, less?’


It’s a common assumption that people who talk a lot, use their brains less. I want the readers to know that it’s not always like that. You can keep both, your tongue and brain, fresh. You can observe things and yet talk about your observations so others could learn a thing or two.

5. ‘Don’t you ever shut up?’


Imagine you are talking to your friend who does not like to talk much unlike you and all of sudden you hear ‘don’t you ever shut up’ from her. How agonizing would it be, right?

This is why the wise once preached us to be careful with how you play with your words. You can end up hurting the person you love the most.

Since we all like to be preached in the best manner, so preach the way you want to be preached. It’s understandable sometimes we all simply are not in the mood of listening to the gossips and stories of friends but it still does not give us license of judging them.

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