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An Average Of 21 Mn People Tuned Into TV During PSL Home Matches, More TRPs For Satellite Channels This Year




We know we are late in coming up with the final version of PSL’s performance on TV but better late than never. This year was as exciting for the fans as the previous ones. With the inclusion of a team, the competition too increased in terms of length. Also, for the first time, we were able to witness 3 home matches, which also marks one of the most historical moments. Cricket coming back to the city of lights. Finally, the fans had a chance to watch their favorite stars play in front of them. It wasn’t just the stadiums which were filled, there were more people in front of their television sets than the entire tournament. An average of 21 Mn people tuned into TV during PSL home matches.

Pak Passion

Cricket Comes Home!

There is no denying of the fact the PSL being held in Pakistan is beneficial for all. It will not only work for the league, it holds a huge strategic importance for advertisers & sponsors. 21 Million people tuned into PTV Sports to watch the final 3 matches. However, there were 11.5 Mn people who watched all the other matches.

Geo Super came in second with most of the urban audience tuned into the channel. There were 11.7 Mn people watching, whereas the rest of the tournament had a TV audience of 5.3 Mn people. Ten Sports were more or less the same, on an average 5.2 Mn people were watching it daily, whereas the final 3 matches averaged at 11 Mn 

How Did It Actually Go?

Be Pakistan

Overall, we won’t call it a blockbuster considering the hike in TV viewership we saw last year. The viewership remained constant during most of the period. However, it was the satellite channels who had a breather this year. Ten Sports and Geo Super performed better compared to last year’s PSL.

The average TRP on Geo Super stood at 1.7, with an average of 5.9 Mn people watching PSL daily. Ten Sports had an average TRP of 1.5 and an audience base of 5.7 Mn people. PTV with its mass base had an average TRP of 4.7, and 12.4 Mn people tunning into the channel to watch PSL daily.

Karachi v Lahore encounters remain the audience favorite.

Each of the channels had their top matches in terms of viewership. However, it was Karachi v Lahore which stood as a common factor on all three. Whenever the two epic cities clash together, they create a lot of noise in terms of viewership. The first encounter had an average TRP of 2.7, 2.1 & 5.1 on Geo Super, Ten Sports, and PTV Sports respectively. Also, there was more audience tuned into their television sets. Only on PTV, there were 14.9 Mn people who watched the match.

The second encounter was no different except there were fewer people on Ten Sports. The average TRP on PTV was 4.8, while Geo Super and Ten Sports had 2.3 & 1.3. There were almost 13.4 Mn people watching the match on PTV only.


The Final 3!

The final 3 matches were the most crucial and were played in Pakistan. So the level of excitement was unimaginable. On PTV the play-off and the second eliminator both captured huge audiences. Both the matches were watched by approximately 19 Mn people and had an average TRP of 6+. The final day had the highest audience with 25.8 Mn people watching TV, accumulating an average TRP of 9.1

On Ten Sports, the average TRP of the final was 5.7, with almost 15.9 Mn people watching live on their television sets. Though GEO super had a better average through but went slightly short during final against Ten Sports. There average TRP stood at 5.5 and 14.8 Mn people watched it on TV,


Power, Love and Revenge: The Story Of Laal Ishq



If you are tired of watching Pakistani dramas that show women scheming against each other, crying over their Mazloomiyat or men being a picture of Zulm-o-Jabar, then Laal Ishq is a drama you must give a try too.

I have been following this drama for past 5 months and it amazes me to see an unconventional, strong and tyrant female protagonist ruling, or shall I say ruining, the lives of many around her unlike many female characters in Pakistani dramas. Ammi Sahiba, played brilliantly by Saba Hameed, is blind in revenge for her murdered husband to an extent that she even ignores her own children’s agony.


This is a sequel of Landa Bazar which was aired in 2002 on Prime Entertainment (STN). The story of Laal Ishq starts right where the drama Landa Bazar ended.

Mehar Hukum was assassinated by Bali (Iqbal), who was sentenced to death but is freed early after serving his time in jail because of his good character. This outraged Ammi Sahiba, whose unhealed wounds are opened again, and she is now after his life making her only son and brother fetch after him. Her kids are now all grown up but she is ready to throw her offspring in the hell of a never-ending revenge. The story takes a U-turn where both of her children Mahi and Punar fall in love with Bali’s children Rameen and Farhad.

Pakistani Dramas

Her son was prompt to kill Bali to please his mother but Rameen made him promise that he will not kill her father. On the other hand, Mahi is also not in the support of this murder since the beginning. The cherry on the top is, she also starts having feelings for Farhad, the son of her father’s murderer. Prior, she was engaged to Farhad but the commitment was called off after the truth of Bali was unveiled.

After analyzing the situation Ammi Sahiba’s unveils her brutal side. She not only snatches away Mahi’s cell phone but also chains her so she does not run away. When Mariyam, the help, tries to assist Mahi, Ammi Sahiba beats her up with a stick, even threatens to kill her.

The drama takes an unexpected turn with Mahi and Farhad doing court marriage and then Mahi’s death. The fire and fury of both Ami Sahiba and Punar take high flames on this and he forces Rameen to marry him as revenge. Now, this is a crystal clear signal for war between two families. As you can see in the promo of next episode, there is going to be bloodshed and horror!

Pakistani Dramas

Every character in the story, each member of both families grieves because of the stubbornness of Ammi Sahiba. From Bali to Dada Jan to the kids, all cry with helplessness as she will not surrender. The fury has made her so blind that she is unable to see the damage caused to a number of people.

Music Germs

In this drama, Ammi Sahiba is shown a kind of the epitome of power to whom strong men like Bali and Mehr Charagh are also forced to surrender. This surely is the story of a woman who, like a queen, can make everyone, from prawn to king, move with mere movement of her lips. The script is evident enough to realize that it’s not always men that abuse the authority. Women can be pretty cruel as well. Let’s see where the drama leads us now. Will the love conquer or Ammi Sahiba?


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On An Average 10 Mn People Watch PSL Daily, While Online Visitors Cross 8.5 Mn In 15 Days




ESPN Cricinfo

Pakistan Super League third season has already exceeded the expectations in terms of viewership. The stadiums might have gone empty, but trust us that’s not the case when it comes to viewership. Both online and offline media have achieved higher numbers than previous years. As per the official statement from Ahsen Idris, CEO – Blitz Advertising

“The PSL 3.0 Livestream has exceeded all expectations within its first 2 days, advertisers and media partners alike. With industry giants like ABL, Unilever, Reckitt and Telenor hopping onto the bandwagon, Brand PSL is all set to achieve new records on digital this season. Our expectation is to cross 20 million eyeballs this year (a year on year increase of 50%), and so far it’s proven to be a roller coaster ride. It would be no surprise if Pakistan’s crown jewel of sports entertainment goes pay per view next year”

A lot of effort was made to block the illegal streaming of PSL this year. The official partners for PSL are, and they have successfully surpassed 8.5 million views in the first 15 matches.

Pakistan Super League

TV viewership scales up.

It’s not just the online visitors which haw gone up but TV viewership has increased too. PTV Sports continues to engage more viewership with their rural base. During the first 15 matches, 11.59 million people tuned into PTV Sports daily to watch  PSL  with an average TRP of 3.6. Besides the opening ceremony which reached out to 15.2 mn people, the match between Lahore & Karachi was the most watched match. The epic rivalry marked the highest TRP of 5.3, reaching out to 14.9 mn people.

Pakistan Super League

Karachi the biggest city in terms of population is definitely the most attached audience on TV. The other two matches which measured the highest viewership so far were Kings v Zalmi and Kings v United. Islamabad United & Multan Sultans are the other two teams which engage more viewership than the rest of the teams. Satellite channels do not have the same kind of viewership as terrestrial but they are not far behind. The trend is not so different, matches played by Karachi Kings tend to generate more viewership. On an average 5.4 mn, people are watching PSL daily on Ten sports, whereas 5.2 mn people are on Geo Super.


Note: Ratings are based on Kantar Media (All Individuals) Pak Total

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You Will Find These Scenes in Almost Every Pakistani Drama



ARY Digital

If you are a regular Pakistani drama viewer you would agree, most of the time they are as predictable as you can tell from the beginning of a scene what dialogues or scenes are coming ahead. you will find these scenes in almost every Pakistani drama

When Chai Saves the Day of Most of the Script Writers


You’re watching a scene where Ammi and Abbu are having a serious conversation with Khala ki Nand about a very complicated Rishta issue of this female lead character OR you are seeing a scene of a happy family having fun times. Now it turns to a point when the writer has to end the scene. Since having all the necessary conversation done already, the scriptwriter needs a situation to end it. Here, Chai serves as savior!

The scene always ends with Ammi telling everyone, ‘Chalain me apky liyay chai lati hoon’.

Like what is wrong with Ammi? Isn’t she supposed to know, this frequent use of Patti, just to save the day, can ruin Abbu’s stomach?

Apki Beti Bhi Na Bus, Boht Ziddi Hai’

source: HumTV

This is a scene of very typical upper middle class’s morning breakfast. The breakfast table is stuffed with a variety of food items with a whole bunch of fruits, fried eggs and around 4 pieces of toasted bread. And you will always find a transparent jug full of fresh Orange juice. By the way, ever wonder who drinks this whole jug at 8 AM?

Now enters a very bubbly, carefree girl. The writer here wants to show you how sweet, innocent this girl is. With full makeup on and curls on her hair, she rushes to the door since the late ignoring Ammi and Abbu waiting on the table for her. Seeing her rushing without breakfast Ammi says, ‘Aray Baita Kuch Tou Ley Lo’ and she forcefully takes just one sip from the juice and runs away.

Ammi says to Abbu: ‘Uff Khuda Yeh Larki Bhi Na’.

Abbu: (Looking at Ami with a naughty smile on his face) Apki baiti boht ziddi hai, dair se uthti hai or nashta kiyay baghair rozana chali jati hai

Ammi: (With the same sort of weird smile takes a sip of never-ending Chai, most probably from an empty cup) Aap he nay tou bigara hai isay.

The scene ends with both smiling at each other.

 The Always Khoi Khoi One


The female character is going through an emotional crisis. How to show that? Interestingly, the writer has a very typical scenario for this as well.

The family is sitting at the dinner table enjoying a meal in the glass-made dinner set. While everybody’s eating peacefully the female character, lost in the thoughts, is idly moving spoons in the plate. Ammi, all of the sudden, looks at her with wonder and ask ‘Baita Tum Kuch Kha Kyun Nahi Rahi’?

For a moment, our heroin startles, says ‘Mujhy Bhook Nahi Hai’, pushes the table away and runs towards her room

Ammi and Abbu look at each other with worrisome looks and Ammi says, ‘Pata Nahi Kyun Itni Khoi Khoi Rehti Hai’.

This is one of the funniest scenes in fact. Who does that in real life? In fact, you can’t dare do that at home because you know you are not getting food after this drama. Plus there’s always a chance of Dant form Ammi over such display of ‘Nakhray’. In fact, Ammi would rather say ‘Nakhray He Khatam Nahi Hotay Inkay’.

Dialogue Between Rishta Aunty & The Sas-To-Be


Every time a mother is looking for a potential rishta for her son, the most common incentive given to her by the Rishtay Wali Auty is “Larki Ghar Bhar Day Ge Jahaiz Se”. If the mother is not interested, you’d always hear her saying “Hamary Ghar me Allah Ka Diya Sub Kuch Hai, Bus Mujhy Toh Achi Si Bahu Chahiyay”.

Taking a deep breath of contentment overhearing her favorite answer, the Rishtay Wali Aunty dips her cookie in tea.

University Life = Canteen + Bunking Classes


Bunch of friends is sitting in university ground having discussions on girls/boys they are interested in, like the C-grader, backbenchers. And when they have enough of it, one of them would get up all of a sudden and say ‘Chalo Yaar Canteen Chalty Hain, Bhook Lagi Hai”.

Why do our dramas show bunking classes, eating food from the canteen, or just sitting down killing time whenever there’s a scene on a university campus?  I thought you were supposed to go study in university? At least show 1 single moment of study, maybe? Plus what’s with the food in the canteen? Why every university in all dramas has only Chai and Samosa available?

Laal Dupata


Hero and heroine are coming from opposite directions. Shermli heroine is wearing round frame glasses, with her dupatta going everywhere. Both hero & heroine’s books and a bundle of loose papers start falling everywhere. Surprisingly, now they bend down at the same exact millisecond looking into each other’s eyes and accidentally hero gets access to heroine’s most personal notebook which he later reveals. No wonder only in dramas this is how a love story begins.

None of these scenes that are present in almost every script are relevant to real life. In fact, real life is a lot practical and you have to be very careful about behaving the way these characters do in dramas. In reality, you will be responsible for your own actions whether it is getting up late and leaving to university without having breakfast or doing Nakhray over the food table.

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