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Brides In Sneakers Is A Fashion Disaster, Internet Asks Who Comes Up With Such Ideas?




Image courtesy: Kashif Rashid

We believe there is nothing wrong with being unique. Aren’t we bored of the same old practices going on for thousand years? Let us correct everyone, trying to be unique doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on the idea. One can be different without being too expensive. It’s all about the idea which makes you stand out from the rest. In recent times we have seen brides and grooms choosing to break the cliche and opting for something outside the parameters. However, the idea of brides in sneakers is a fashion disaster says internet.

Remember the Indian bride who made an entrance on Cheal Thrills?

source: Cook Bluez Photography

She became an internet sensation as soon the video went rival. The video got 9 Million views at the time it was released and became the second most trending video.

Recently, In Pakistan, a bride questioned the ritual of covering the head

If you cover your head normally then it’s ok but if you don’t practice it regularly why is a must do on your wedding day?

via Instagram

Well, here we don’t have a bride story but we are talking about being trendy. A recent photo shoot of Hoccane sisters by a renowned photographer Kashif Rashid is all about how different you can be. We understand that it’s not a real wedding and you have all kind of creative space for a photo shoot. So please don’t do Aww, Haye!! while you read this.    We are just talking about a perspective and we found the idea intriguing. Both the Hoccane sisters are all dressed up in bridal wear but one thing that makes it so sassy and fascinating is the footwear.

The Hoccane Sisters – Brides With Sneakers

photography: Kashif Rashid

She got the looks!

photography: Kashif Rasid

However, people didn’t find it cool. They were like who comes up with such stupid ideas?

Yes, like always people are not happy with the combination and called it extremely stupid.

The Catch!

Actually, when you will find out whey they chose to do that you will be like …

Yes! the photoshoot was for a footwear & not a bridal wear!

When you go for a photoshoot, you need to innovate to make sure that the product gets an attention. Personally taking out the reason it’s a brilliant shoot and the photographer took the smartest way to promote a footwear brand.


From London To New York, Celebrities Chose To Spend Their Summers In Big Towns This Year




Every year at this time of year, celebrities go out to enjoy their vacations with their family & friends. Last year it was more about the exotic locations, beaches, sunsets. This year our celebrities chose to go more metro. From London to New York, celebrities chose to spend their summers in big towns this year. So here are some favorite moments from their vacations.

1. Our Lovely, Syra Sheroz & Sheroz Sabzwari In London.

She looks amazing and chose to wear light summer colors. She wears a white sleeveless top, a perfect summer outfit. 

2. Ahmed Butt and family are in London too and looks like they are having a great time.

A perfect family vacation.

3. Sadia Imam is also enjoying summers in London with her family

London seems to be a perfect family place for all the celebrities.


4. While Aijaz Islam is having some time in New York

He still looks fit, isn’t he?

5. He is not the only one, Sanam Baloch is in NY City too!

She wore a traditional men’s style back shalwar kurta, some way to leave a Pakistani style statement.

6. Saba Qamar is on summer holidays, though she didn’t go to London or NY. However, she did chose to travel to Europe. She is currently in Turkey with her friends, exploring the beautiful country.

definitely a summer moment!

Skirts and sneakers seem to be a favorite outfit for travel destinations

7. Dr. Shahista Wahidi, who we have heard is joining Hum News, after leaving GEO Entertainment is in South Africa to spend some time with her husband.

Well, our celebrities are having some great time vacationing. These photos are giving us some serious vacations goals. Don’t wait, don’t have to choose all the expensive destinations on the list. just pick one, whichever you can afford and go have fun!


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Faryal Mehmood Will Amaze You With Her Dance Moves, She is Not Just A Girl Next Door We All Know




Faryal Mehmood is very much a household name, she has appeared in a lot of know drama serials over the years. She has already impressed the audience with her role in projects such as Laal Rung & Bechari. She might look like a girl next door but she is not just that. Faryal Mehmood will amaze you with her dance moves. Not only that she has gone into a massive transformation and stands a true diva.

We have all seen her like this.

and as intense as this

But she is not just that, a fashion diva & she does it with some style.


she has gone through some massive transformation in recent years.


with all that sass


and glamour


She is a total badass


She is a gym addict & keeps herself fit.


There is one thing which we are sure you must not have an idea about her. She is a brilliant dancer and specializes in B-Boying.

we must say, we are totally impressed by her moves and did you noticed her abs? Woosh!


After watching these videos, we wish that we soon have a dance movie based on street dancing. We would love to see Faryal showing some crazy moves in near future. We never knew that there would be so much talent in someone who we see daily as a simple girl next door on our television screens.


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Ainy Jaffri Puts Her Vacation Photos & As Expected Trolls Shamed Her For Trying To Be Too Bold




From Sonya Hussyn to Iqra Aziz, celebrities have been a targeting of trolls for their personal choices. Social fanatics don’t leave anyone alone. This time someone who has never been in the highlight for such reasons has become a target.

Ainy is a model/ actress and has appeared in a couple of Pakistani movies. She is one of the prettiest faces around and famous for her colored eyes. The actress is quite a familiar name among the masses. Though she is not the most active social media stars, she often shares her moments with her fans on her Instagram.


Recently, Ainy is enjoying her holidays in Copacabana, Brazil with her husband. One of the most exotic locations in Rio De Janerio. They also attended a friend’s wedding in Croatia and yesterday she shared the photos of the event on her Instagram.


Seeing from the photos, it looks like it was a traditional South American style wedding event. With all the whites, florals, beachside themed wedding.


She wore a white off-shoulder outfit, and it was not these photos which sparked an outrage on the social media. She shared a photo with her husband on the beach which got the trolls rolling.


People found these photos totally unacceptable and simply slut shamed the actress. Some of the comments were not just harsh, they were disgusting.

Brother you could have used a towel too, kis ne roka hai?

We have seen what our people of capable of doing in our own country, really down want to go abroad to see that.

Well, not everyone was as emotional as many who commented. There were some who talked some sense.

Indeed, Zaban Nangi hai!

The debate is not about being right or wrong. It’s about making your own choices. If they have made a choice then you have a choice too, stop following them on social platforms. Nobody is forced to do anything, they don’t interfere in things you do. Only because they are someone who is in the public eye, does not mean people have a right to abuse them for their personal choices.





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