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Entertainment news of Pakistan remains to be filled with latest celebrity’s news and Pakistani showbiz affairs. A vital role for spreading the Pakistani news gossips is played through Pakistani showbiz magazines that feature Pakistani showbiz weddingsthe latest celebrity couples etc and are easily accessible on Facebook, Instagram etc. There has been great productivity seen in the Pakistani cinemas dramas and film industry both. A lot of support is being seen among the audience as they support their favourite celebrities, their movies and drama serials. A great number of social media sites and websites work tirelessly to provide their readers to the very latest news regarding the happenings of the lollywood industry as well as the upcoming projects. The pages on social media remain updated with the latest gossips regarding the whereabouts and lives of the stars of Pakistan and the content is easily accessible and interesting.

People wait in anticipation of the new Pakistani releases as they make their marks on the box office even before their release. Pakistani cinemahallsremain booked prior to the release of the movies and the turnout remains high even weeks after the releases as the movie turns into a hit. Pakistani filmmakers are working on new content and scripts that will portray the true side of Pakistan. Previously story writers have won Oscars for Pakistan and they continue to do so as they excel in their work.

The great response and support of the general audience shows that the Pakistani film industry of lollywood is achieving a high and respected status as its counterparts Hollywood and Bollywood. More and more Pakistani celebrities have started and continue to work across borders directing the world’s attention to Pakistan and the talent it has. The movies being made in Pakistan address major social issues of the country and therefore are more than just films and they end up making their mark not only in Pakistan but also abroad. There has begun wave of expectancy in the audience as they admire the industry’s work and wait in anticipation for more.