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Journey of Comics- Newspapers to Digital

The world of comics has evolved greatly from its earliest publications to how we perceive and access various comic stories now. The virtual comic books ranging from comic stories in English, comics stories with pictures, funny comic strips to comic strips about love have provided readers with a vast access to their genre of comics at a readily available range. Making comics online and publishing them in newspapers, magazines, tabloids etc has become a very consistent and long lasting profession for a large number of people ranging from the youth to the elderly. The digital advent of comics has given both readers and comic writers a rather comfortable stage to both read and publish self-created material that is readily available to anyone in any corner of the world.

However, as much as the entertainment that entails comics both online and in newspapers many comic writers use this forte to write comic stories with moral lessons. These comic stories often target and portray humanitarian issues from politics, poverty and world hunger to societal issues about friendships etc. These trivial matters being addressed through comic strips are majorly in newspapers and on news websites all over the world. Many times the comics’ online express what the people demand from their governments in various countries around and often have sarcastic, humorous and ridiculing tone. Hence comics altogether serve as entertainment, voice of the people and addresses trivial matters that affect all with a soft blow.

The use of pictures in comics serves for both a visual and intellectual delight for the readers. Comics are often short i.e. in the form of a comic short story which are very limited in size and are often in the form of episodes that are published on a daily bases, examples of such comics is Garfield, Snoopy and Archie comics that also come in the genre of a funny comic story.

Comic books and comic strips are both highly followed field of creative and expressive journalism, both literary and visual. People aspire to make collections of their favorite comics; events are featured especially around the world for comic fans to come together and explore more closely their comic favorites, one of those many events is the ‘Comic Con’. It is held religiously every year and people celebrate their favorite comic characters ranging from Marvel i.e. Spider man, Superman and Batman etc to the Avengers that include the infamous fictional characters of Hulk, Thor, Iron-Man etc as well as any other cartoon based comic such as Peanuts, Garfield etc. The comic con also features a theme i.e. costume party where attenders come dressed as their favorite characters.

The world has surely a place for all. Every individual can find what they love in the nook and cranny of wherever they live in the world and comic lovers are clearly among the lucky ones!