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Entertainment and Cricket- Side by Side

A lot has been happening in the entertainment sector of our Pakistani industry. Pakistani news stories have been consisting of divorcing actresses to countless gossips over different famed names and others featuring celebrities that have said goodbye to the industry altogether by the local news publishers. Only back in 2016 the local Pakistani and international news stories were filled regarding the longest wedding planned and wonderfully executed by famed names of the Lollywood industry “Anush and Munib”. The wedding remained the talk of the town for a very long time and made its mark in various social media sights such as Facebook and Instagram etc. This royal wedding with loads of grandeur surely leveled up the criteria of Pakistani wedding traditions and ‘rasams’ as previously celebrated in Pakistan.

However the grand wedding was last year, currently, our celebrities are mingling together and celebrating the Pakistan Super League with utmost anticipation. Our teams have surely evolved from their previous players who served Pakistan as famous Pakistani legends of their time including which are the very respectable and notable Javed Miandad, Inzimamul Haq and of course, our now turned politician Imran Khan. This year’s Pakistan Super League matches are being held at Dubai. A lot has been changed this time from when PSL was played last time; a new team has been made part of the games which is called the ‘Multan Sultans’. Another hard to ignore change was the switch of teams by famous cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi, who previously had played for the ‘Peshawar Zalmi’ team and instead now plays for the ‘Karachi kings’. Zalmi and Afridi fans were greatly saddened by this change but this switch has surely been extremely lucky for the Karachi kings as they have not lost a single match, except for one. The only consoling fact for cricket lovers is that Afridi is playing and disregarding his team choice he has a champ!

Coming to the film industry, Pakistan recently released theirs over the top animation movie called ‘Allahyar and legend of the Markhor’. Many great actors are a part of this absolutely fun packed film from famous singer Ali Noor, Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan etc. The movie is filled with great sceneries that show one of the many beautiful hill stations of Pakistan, also it is hugely filled with jokes that prove it to be a great watch both for kids and their families as it also is one with a moral lesson of friendship and bravery. The title song of the movie has been greatly enjoyed by the audience particularly. It has been sung by Ali Noor who is also among the cast, and the video features him playing and dancing with children on a very catchy tune. The Pakistani entertainment industry is always brimming with scandals and news about something or the other but one thing is for sure we never stop entertaining!