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Muslims in the Global Arena

The world is all about co-existence, since the advent of Adam when all that was, there were two genders co-existing to now where there are different religions, castes, tribes existing. The major problems that the world today faces and what is mostly discussed as the major issue in world news is the fight of survival of the fittest.

The world even though, with its unequal composition of gender and religions etc, has still kept an overall balance to ensure a universal equality. For instance, if we are to talk about the Muslims around the world there remain a large number of countries that have a Muslim majority and others with are comprised of a Muslim minority. The ones with Muslims as a minority suffer racism at the hands of the majoritarian rule and vice versa, hence there is no particular religion or community of people that remains entirely devoid of discrimination and racism.

Aside from religion, gender issues is a greatly discussed topic globally characterized by the discrimination conducted towards the female counterpart of the society that has given rise in demand of women rights. This demand for women rights has really awoken countries that remained indifferent to even the existence of women and now as a result of the united voice of women around the world, female rights and their absolute attainability has resurfaced. An example of such a visible change has been in Saudi Arabia where women even had been deprived of something as common as driving a car and now the previously conservative country is going to host it’s first ‘Arab fashion week’ this month and make its mark in the world of Global fashion shows. In this regard, Saudi Arab has left behind any other Hollywood and Bollywood news with its extremely bold step towards defying its previous highly conservative practices. This hugely bold and well-articulated step in empowering the women that had been restrained for so long will allow the Saudi Arabian models to prosper on a higher level and become international fashion models.

Muslims globally suffer from the inflicted violence of the ruthless kind. There is no lack of examples we see daily on various news channels about Muslims being patronized by use of force and targeted because of their religion and beliefs such as in Rohingya and the continuing massacre in Syria. On one hand Muslims are faced with mockery and discrimination for being conservative and on the other hand, Muslim men and women have begun the journey to prosperity by highlighting and going after their wants and making their extravagant mark in the world by defying the mindset created for Muslims all around the world. Muslims have given the world a lot even as they have sacrificed more to just be able to live. Despite their sufferings, Muslims have given the world Malala, Muniba Mazari, Arfa Kareem, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and among men Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abdus Salam and many more. The worst part of being the sufferer is not realizing you are one, and it is true that after a great phase of consistent suffering and outrageous discrimination an undeniable revolution has been and what had been on the bottom for so long is now coming to the top and that is how that world works.