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We Talk About Collapses, Lahore Qalandars Is Right Up To The Alley




The world has seen many great collapses and break-ups in the past. The history of mankind has witnessed such events which left them in despair. When we talk about collapses, Lahore Qalandars is right up to the alley. Here are some of the worst collapses which shook the history.

Paro’s Rejection!


Devdas love for Paro is undeniable. The rejection left him exactly where Fawad Rana is after losing 5 matches in a row.

Titanic sank leaving Jack in a frozen spot!


Jack sacrificed his life for his love. Rana sb is also floating in the frozen water these days, while his team floats with poor water leaving his moral drowning in deep waters.

It’s smoking …

source: Hindustan Times

The kind of pressure players and the management is facing right now is way more than what Mahira had to go through when her photos went viral. She was just smoking but Qalandars are burning badly.

Remember KKHA, where Shahrukh ran to Kajol?

This is how Qalandars kick-off their game …


by the time they play the first ten overs, the situation goes like …


However, they soon realise …


and this is what their fans are left with when they have to defend their team.


Actually its worse than Neelam Munir’s Leaked Dance Video

at least people had fun, but the way Lahore is losing you can’t even have fun with them. In fact, most of the fans are feeling sorry for Rana sb.

Lahore Qalandar’s match summary is pretty relatable to Shahid & Kareena’s Love Story.

Remember, they give this blockbuster together? The media was all buzzing about the couple.


But soon after the release, the media was taken by shock as they were informed that the two lovebirds have parted ways. This is exactly how it ends for Lahore Qalandars in almost every much!


Winning for Lahore is like …


haath tu aya lakin mun ko naa laga …








Rahat Ali’s Chal Nikal Moment Is All That We Need At Times In Our Life




Yesterday PSL witnessed one of the historic fights in its history. Imad Wasim who has been known for taking on its opponent once again got into a verbal spat. After Rahat Ali bowled him out there was a verbal exchange between the two. However, we are not here to discuss their fight. In fact, we are here to enjoy the moment. Rahat Ali’s chal nikal moment is all that we need at times in our life.

1. The Liars


People who always keep you hanging in between. They don’t keep their promises and keep their word. You can’t keep such people in your life, people you can’t trust.

2. You Can’t-Do This


Ones who are always top of criticism. People who let your dreams down and put doubts in your mind. They always make you feel as if you are good for nothing and won’t be able to achieve your goals.

3. Mr. I Know Everything


People who believe they know everything. The feel that they are better and superior to the rest. They are always full of themselves and they hardly listen to people around them. Such people are selfish and always look out for their own interests only.

4. The Artificial Ones


Such people might act as your friends when they are around but their feelings about you are never true. They are mean and whatever they tell you is no less than a lie. They will act all nice in front of you but none of their feelings are true and thus you can not trust them a bit.

5. People Who Spark Controversy


They are always looking to create some kind of controversy among others. They pick their weaknesses and flaws so that they can trigger hatred between people. Such people are not only harmful but bring a lot of negativity in your life.

6. The Schemer


They always manipulate things, making their own version of your story. They are good charmers and often deceive people with their fake attitude. Such people manage to extract all they need from you with their pet talks. However, they can never be trusted as they have their own motives attached.

7. The Hustler


People who are always looking for an opportunity. They would only be nice to you till they get their job done. They would be in all praise for you when you are doing well in life. As soon as times change, they would turn their back on you when you need them the most.

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Junaid Akram Left A Strong Message On V-Day For Everyone Who Wishes To Be Extra Cute




Junaid Akram aka Ganji Swag left a strong message on V-Day for all the guys. Whoever wishes to be extra cute, Junaid has the right tips for all of you. All you have to do is to follow the procedure and act upon it. In fact, these tips will work even if it’s not a Valentine’s Day. Just add a little confidence to your personality. No need to panic. Just take a deep breath and do as he says.

You need three things before you start.

source: tenor

Confidence, Creativity & Most Importantly A Great Sense Of Hammer!

source: giphy

Oh! Not this one … that’s Thor’s! You need the other one, which Junaid has 😉

It requires more than love, you will have to entertain your baby.

source: giphy

Leave a love note!

source: POPXO

They feel really loved when you bring them such surprises. It’s always a moment of “Aww” when you do that.

Take them to dinner, somewhere nice!

source: Billie’s Pink Reviews

Once she decides what she wants to have, she will definitely ask you to know what are you having. All you have to say, I will have you!

Always give her a compliment

source: tumblr

They love to hear good things about them. Either appreciate their sense of dressing, their new hairstyle or footwear.

Not everyone can be extra cute and sometimes being extra cute can backfire too. However, if you follow the rules given by Ganji Swag, there is no way that your swag will be going down.

Watch the full video here:

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If You Are A Karachi Kings Fan Then You Know, Itna Asaan Nahi Hai Jeena




If you are a Karachi Kings fan then you know how hard life can be. It’s like being an Arsenal fan, where you are not left with options. You were the most expensive franchise, now the second. You have the largest fan base among all. The franchise is owned by one of the leading broadcast owners. The team has the national coaching staff on their side. The only thing which has not been on their side is luck. For the last two seasons, they haven’t performed up to their own caliber. Fans left disappointed are now looking forward to the upcoming season. So how does a Karachi King fan feels like?

Remember the famous Hattrick?

Perhaps Amir’s return was the most awaiting thing and watching him play for Karachi was a dream. Getting a hattrick and that too against Lahore was a treat. However, since then there wasn’t much to remember or celebrate except few memorable moments.

We have so much talent!

That was the worst promotional tactic used by the team! why do you have to make the national players dance on a morning show?

Selfie mughe leni hai …

With all the glitz and glamour, this is how we can actually sum up Karachi Kings last two seasons.

When you meet a Qalandar fan!

That’s the only satisfying thing for a die-heart Karachiite!

What happened? everything looked so perfect

Oh! damn …

When you really have to win a debate …

It’s really not about Karachi v Lahore! We are here to discuss cricket.

When you challenge a Gladiator fan …

You may have the team but where are the boys? the two-time finalist is filled with boys from Karachi. This year again they look one of the most balanced team on the card.

If you are a true Karachi King fan then please don’t be offended. There is no point of getting angry, it’s better if you put this valuable time on more effective things. Such as Praying for the team!

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