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Mahira & Mawra Bashed For Congratulating Sonam – And She Responded




Our very own, Mahira Khan and Mawra Hocane, two most talented celebrities of Pakistan, have not only proved their talent locally but are equally loved and respected across the border. Like many others, when these two ladies congratulated Sonam Kapoor, whose marriage was a hot topic in Pakistan as well, our hate brigade came into action. Mahira & Mawra bashed for congratulating Sonam – and she responded back soon.

Mahira Khan’s Tweet To Sonam Kapoor

This is just a basic courtesy of congratulating another celebrity who is also going to join her at Cannes 2018.

And Here Came The Hate From Her Own Followers

As if she really needs some attention to get big projects…

Bhai aap se kis nay poochha hai?

We think that this guy is not following politics at all. hmm..

Really, these guys think he knows EVERYTHING!

Something Similar Happened With Mawra

AND… Hate Brigade Jumped In…

OK Aunty!

Isn’t there a thing called basic courtesy?

What about all the Pakistani fans congratulating her and the local media reporting everything about her wedding? Are they attention seekers too?

OK! If we are not wrong she was chosen by Indian media industry to work in one of their films. No?

Anyways, now here comes the treat. After all this hatred, these two lovelies received response from Sonam Kapoor.

Mahira & Mawra Bashed For Congratulating Sonam – And She Responded

Sonam Kapoor, once done with her wedding ceremony, took to her social media to respond to all the lovely greetings she has been receiving and so, she responded to both Mahira and Mawra.

Sonam’s Tweet To Mawra

See, a kind gesture for a kind gesture. Simple!

Sonam’s Response To Mahira’s Tweet

She can’t wait to see Mahira at Cannes – LOL at all the haters!

Hogaee tasalli?

Honestly, it’s difficult to understand why we sent so much hate towards our own celebrities instead of supporting them. There was no need to bash these two ladies for only congratulating another fellow actress from across the border.



Has She Lost Her Mind? Sonya Hussyn Gets Trolled For Making A Fashion Statement




Has she lost her mind? Sonya Hussyn gets trolled making a fashion statement. This is exactly what the fans said on her latest photos on social media. As a celebrity, you try a lot of new things and innovating oneself are one of those things. We have seen many such incidents when our famous celebrities try something unique. However, it’s not necessary that they look awkward in those setups, at times they really pull that off. While the fans continue to troll here, we really didn’t see anything so out of context. She wore a white top and pant, and in all honesty, she looked pretty decent in that outfit.

However, there was one thing which she did out of the box, was choosing two different colors of shoes.

She chose to go with a black & white combination


Here is a closer look …


She basically thought to go with her trousers, and we believe she did pull off nicely.

Those who don’t know this trend was first initiated by the leading sports brand PUMA. The top sportsman from around the world wore two color shoes during their games.

Such as Fabregas

and AB De Villiers, both who represented PUMA as its brand ambassadors

However, the fans couldn’t bear it and went on trolling her.

This is not the first time Sonya was trolled, she was badly trolled for trying to look like Priyanka Chopra couple of months ago. Here are some of the most absurd comments on her photos.

Tu phir na dekhain …

few of them just want to make a joke out of it …

some thought it’s a fashion disaster!

We are not sure, but there is a thing called an ACT!

maybe you don’t know how to carry, it takes some confidence to that.

Well, out of so many there was only one person who made some sense.

So what do you guys think? do you think she didn’t do the right thing? leave your comments below.

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Fahad Mirza Sent Out Ramazan Greetings But People Were More Concerned About Sarwat’s Sleeveless Outfit




Fahad Mirza and Sarwat Gilani are one of the most adored couples in our industry. Fahad who is not only an actor but also a seasoned surgeon. And in addition to all that he is a thorough gentleman and a supporting husband. This is Sarwat’s second marriage and we believe she has found the love of her life. They both look great with each other and parents of two adorable kids. Like everyone, Fahad on behalf of his family sent out Ramazan greetings to all his fans. He posted a selfie after the first iftar with his adorable family.

Ramazan Mubarak from us to you …

This was a very light-hearted message to all his fans. He prayed for everyone and that this month brings happiness for everyone. However, there are people who have an extra eye to find something for criticism. Therefore, they were quick to jump on the photo and passed on their judgment. Sarwat is seen wearing a sleeveless outfit and that is something which people simply couldn’t digest.

Oh so it’s being judgmental but still …

why it’s anyone’s concern?

Bhai apnay ghar ki fikr karlo.

So now its okay to wear whatever you want in other months, the same people will go after the celebrities giving lectures on indecency when they wear western outfits in some award ceremony or elsewhere.

The family is observing Ramadan and they have their own ways of doing it. As long as they are respecting the holy month like we all do, one should not worry about their looks or anything. Yes, the month holds a lot of importance for all of us but that doesn’t demean the importance of other months. Everyone has their own lifestyle and there is no need to question their beliefs. They may be doing a lot more than any of us, it’s just we don’t know.


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Sohai Led The Riders To The Premiere & Moral Police Couldn’t Digest The Boldness




All Pakistani Drama Page

Sohai Ali Abro has done her first biopic movie ‘The Motorcycle Girl’ based on the real-life hero Zenith Irfan. Her life is a true sign of courage, confidence and will to fulfill your dreams. Zenith became the first girl to travel across Pakistan on a motorcycle. It was not just about traveling, it was about something more than that. She went on to fulfill her father’s dream. Adnan Sarwar, the producer of the film has a special love for biopics. He has already produced Shah, based on the life of Olympic gold medalist boxer from Pakistan, Hussain Shah. Well, the special screening of the movie was no less than an epic showdown. Sohai Ali Abro made a crazy entrance, riding a Harley Davidson along with her friends and members of Harley Owners Group Karachi.

She personally thanked everyone for riding along her to pay tribute to The Motorcycle Girl

Among her friends, two renowned TV actors rode just behind her to the cinema

All Pakistani Drama Page

Aijaz Aslam & Faisal Qureshi, the two leading members of The Gentleman’s Ride Club were there to support Sohai and the movie.


All Pakistani Drama Page

However, someone out there was not happy to see all this.

As soon as the photos went viral, our moral police were not happy to see this. Many of them questioned, is this women empowerment? It was surprising to see such behavior.

Our men have officially accepted that they won’t keep their hands and eyes off by themselves. There are no moral values on an individual level, unfortunately, they are always ready to blame it on the other person.

Something which was more disturbing was to see girls passing on degrading remarks on her. Women need to respect women first. If this kind of behavior continues, you can’t expect the illiterate men out there to learn to behave either.

If you are not ok with someone’s behavior, talk to your peers.  See what they have to say regarding the matter. If you simply disagree then just stop following them. There is no point in judging others for something which you are not answerable for. If you have a better idea or a solution then come up with an opinion. Passing on comments, degrading other people on social media is definitely not the way.


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