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Meet These 5 Powerful Ancient Queens Who Ruled Extraordinarily



Meet 5 Ancient Queens Whose Might Knew No Bound

Isn’t it interesting to realize that throughout all of our childhood to the university days we are being narrated the stories of great kings and rulers of the past but never have anyone ever uttered a single word about an old female ruler? It seems like maybe the design of our syllabus does not match with it. Hence, we thought it would be a good time to take a trip down memory lane and tell you the story of some inspirational, controversial as it may sound, women leaders from the medieval times.

This piece today is about such determined women from the ancient world who rose against the odds to become politically powerful figures and left an indelible mark on history with their exploits.

1. Cleopatra the Great

The New Yorker

Arguably the most illustrious and well-known ruler of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was the last of the Egyptian pharaohs. Cleopatra was only 18 years old when her father passed away, leaving the throne to Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy. But not long after, a power struggle ensued between the two, culminating in Cleopatra falling from power and having to flee to Syria. There she joined forces with Roman monarch Julius Caesar and recaptured the Egyptian throne after defeating the forces of her brother Ptolemy.

2. Nefertiti

Deviant ART

Talk about the most prosperous and wealthy years in the history of ancient Egypt, and you will see Nefertiti and her husband Akhenaten’s names pop up on first ranks. They are known as the “power couple of the ancient world”. Despite sharing the throne, Nefertiti has been seen by historians as being the more dominant of the two rulers, often taking on roles normally undertaken only by male monarchs.

3. Mariaum-uz-Zamani – Jodhabai

Mariaum-uz-Zamani/ facebook

Marium-uz-Zamani who is mostly known as Jodhabhi has a lot more than being only Akbar’s wife. She was one of the four most senior figures in Mughal Empire according to a scholar Ellison B. Findly. Not only this, Marium was also the only woman granted enough power to hold a military rank of 12,000 horsemen which led to the right to issue firmans of her very own.

Though she was a practicing Hindu she helped Muslim women in practicing Islam throughout. Marium regularly sent Muslim pilgrims to Mecca on her ship in her own custody. Moreover, she was kind enough to send them goods worth millions as well.

4. Hurrum Sultan

This was the name inspired by which Westerns wrote many plays and stories on. They were both fascinated and scared of the power Hurrum Sultan exercised. Fear, because the Western society was a misogynist one back then and the similar kind of political practice, empowerment, and influence of women in politics, was done in that time.

Hurrum Sultan was the first one to make it to the King’s palace as his legal wife with four sons which proved to be a shocking news to the public as one concubine, a lady of haram, could give birth to only 1 son. A lot of stuff is said regarding the political manipulation Hurrum had in the palace. She is also said to be the main conspirator behind Sultan Sulaiman’s son Mustafa.

Some of the historians see her as the witch who’d spelled Sultan under her control. But you can’t ignore the fact that she may have these haters around her because of the fact that she being a mere concubine ended up challenging and breaking the norms and came to power in a way that no one had expected of a woman in that era.

5. Queen Victoria


The force of Queen Victoria was so powerful that she, with her strong will, stopped an expected Prime Minister Peel to hold the office. Now, this is what even Queen Elizabeth can’t imagine. It’s said, Victoria took a lot of brave decisions against the whole parliament in support of women. She was the one who legalized anesthesia for women while giving birth by quoting “we are having the baby and we are having the anesthetic”

Though there is a heat of controversial life events of these queens, one cannot help but wonder how come these ladies still managed to rule the big empires on their own?

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Still Drooling Over Harry & Meghan? Here Are 10 Majestic Royal Weddings From Around The World




Harry & Meghan’s wedding will remain the most talked about wedding of this decade. Undoubtedly, the wedding got a lot more attention than Willam & Kate’s wedding. In fact, it is said that it had more viewership on TV than any other wedding broadcasted. The royal wedding one of the most anticipated events for a lot of reasons. We don’t want to discuss those reasons here as people are already aware of all those. In fact, there wedding continues to be a center of discussion. Well, let us tell you that when we talk about Royal Weddings, this is not just it. So still drooling over Harry & Meghan? we would suggest to hold yourself back. Here are 10 majestic royal weddings from around the world. The glitz and glamour of these weddings will surely mesmerize you.

1. Prince Carl Phillip & Sofia Hellqvist (Sweden)

Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, the Duke of Varmland married Sofia Hellqvist on June 13′ 2015. Sofia before getting married was a model and television reality star. The prince is fourth in line of succession and he is extremely keen in sporting activities. There wedding took place in Stockholm with everything one could ask for. They received a 21 shot salute and a special rendition of Rihanna’s Umbrella was performed by Avicci & Icona Pop. 

2. King Abdullah II and Queen Rania (Jordon)


One of the most elegant royal couples around the world. King Abdullah II and Queen Rania married each other on June 13′ 1993. The wedding took place at Zahran Palace in Amman. The recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. She is very active with her social work on education, health, empowerment etc. The Queen is probably one of most active royal personalities on social media in the world.

3. Prince Pierre and Beatrice Borromeo (Monaco/ Italy)

Getty Images

Pierre Ranier Stefano Casiraghi is the prince of Monaco and seventh in line for succession. He dated  Beatrice from 2008 until they got married in 2015. She comes from one of the oldest families in Italy. Also, she is one of the most known faces of news journalism in Italian news media. There wedding was divided into two, the first in the civil ceremony which was held in Palace of Monaco. The other event took place in Italy, the Borromean Islands. The islands are owned by Bride’s family.

4. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert (Monaco)

This was probably one of the most extravagant weddings, the couple tied the knot in 2011 after knowing each other for 10 years. The wedding festivities continued for two days with a massive guest list. The bride wore Giorgio Armani, who also personally attended the wedding.  The wedding event was also attended by the ex-president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and world’s top model Naomi Cambell. The wedding kicked off with a concert attended by 15000 locals and an exclusive performance by the iconic band The Eagles. 

5. Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini (Brunei)


Sultan of Brunei is one of the richest royals in the world with an estimated worth of $ 20 Billion, made her daughter’s wedding look like a dream. The wedding included a 17 gunshot salute, vigils, a civil ceremony, highly expensive jewelry and a wedding reception of 3000 guests. The wedding celebrations lasted for more than a week.

6. Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Kendra Spears

Prince Aga Khan’s eldest son Prince Karim married American model Kendra Spears. She became Princess Salwa, as she committed herself in a marital bond in a traditional Muslim ceremony. The wedding took place at the Chateau de Bellerive on Lake Geneva among close family and friends.

7. Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’Neill (Sweden)

Boston Herald

This royal wedding had everything, from diamonds to precious stones and a huge guest list. Princess Madeleine comes from the family of King Carl. She tied the knot with an American born banker and their wedding took place at the royal palace chapel in Stockholm. The reason this wedding is remembered is that the guest enjoyed a cake made of 700 macarons.

8. Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Alejandro Santo Domingo (Spain)

The Knot News

Lady Charlotte Wellesley is the daughter of Duke of Wellington and Princess of Prussia, which also makes her related to Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Charles. She married the American Colombian businessman, Alejandro Santo Domingo, though the wedding was not about the dresses or the guest list. The wedding is widely remembered for the reception venue, a 2400 acre land owned by the Duke himself.

9. The King of Bhutan and Jetsun Pema (Bhutan)


Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, also known as the Dragon King of Bhutan married the 21-year-old Jetsun Pema in 2011. It was a close-circuited ceremony which took place inside the fortress of Punakha. Though there wasn’t much about her before her wedding, she soon took on the responsibilities as she took on the crown.

10. Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Probably the most loved royal princess, Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 at St. Paul Cathedral. Even in that age, the ceremony gathered around 750 million viewers from around the world. It was a true dream wedding and everyone was in an awe of her dress. Her wedding gown was made of 1000 pearls and antique laces. Many people called it the wedding of the century. No doubt, the 20-year old princess was everyone’s eye-candy.

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The Death Of Bollywood Diva Sridevi Led To A Verbal Spat On The Internet




The death of Bollywood diva Sridevi led to a verbal spat o the internet. Sridevi, one of the most iconic figures passed away in Dubai due to a massive cardiac arrest. She was only 54 and the news certainly came as a shock for the entire world. Not just Bollywood, Pakistani artist too paid their tribute to the lady. The news was there on all social media platforms, however, it was the fans who had a heated argument. A lot of fans believed that there was no point in discussing her while thousand Syrians died in a bomb attack.

This is quite debatable but there is no point in entering into such a debate. Famous people tend to generate more attention, which does not mean that innocents dying in different parts of the world are less important. Whatever is happening in Syria, is totally condemnable.

What we need to understand here is the importance of life. People who have contributed to the society through their work gets all the attention. Only because we do not have friendly relations with our neighbors does not mean we should behave as if it does not matter. Pakistani entertainment industry has been long influenced by Bollywood. Our actors have gone across the border to work in their movies. In fact, her last movie featured two of our artist.

source: Dawn Images

She worked with Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique in the movie MOM. Sri Devi and Sajal’s  performance received great reviews from the critics. Sajal Ali became too fond of the actor and mentioned that she has found her second mother in Sri Devi.

We need to Learn.

The news is of importance for an entertainment platform. The on-going war in Kashmir is important to the entire world but you can’t expect an entertainment platform to talk about Kashmir, Burma or Syria. The platform is built to promote the ongoing news in the entertainment industry. If people want news on the global affairs than there are news sites where you can get all these updates.

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Indians Called Kapil Sharma A Traitor For Hosting The PSL Zalmi Night




Image courtesy: Business Recorder

Cricket and entertainment industry are the only two platforms where Pakistan & India actually come together. It’s not the first time that any Bollywood actor has attended a PSL ceremony or a match. Last year, Sonam Kapoor came all the way to Dubai stadium on a special invitation from Javed Afridi. Unfortunately, she couldn’t enter the stadium due to some restrictions by PCB.

Chitrangada Singh attended the first PSL

source: Emirates 24/7

Sanjay Kapoor attended PSL ceremony yesterday.

source: Willow Cricket

Kapil Sharma hosted the Zalmi Night.

Javed Afridi hosted the dinner for his team and supporters a day earlier in Dubai. The night was hosted by Bollywood’s top comedian Kapil Sharma. However, it didn’t go down well with the Indian fans. This Indian journalist slammed Kapil for hosting the event.

The fans soon started cursing Kapil for doing so …

He needs money because his movie didn’t do well on the box-office

Is aadmi ko India ka President banado!

He is a poor guy, all he has is Pakistani media!


However, there were few sane people out there.

There is no point of spreading hatred among the fans. Such media personalities are the reason why there is so much intolerance among the people. They are the gatekeepers of our society and rather than doing hate-speech they should try to neutralize the situation.


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