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Rahat Ali’s Chal Nikal Moment Is All That We Need At Times In Our Life




Yesterday PSL witnessed one of the historic fights in its history. Imad Wasim who has been known for taking on its opponent once again got into a verbal spat. After Rahat Ali bowled him out there was a verbal exchange between the two. However, we are not here to discuss their fight. In fact, we are here to enjoy the moment. Rahat Ali’s chal nikal moment is all that we need at times in our life.

1. The Liars


People who always keep you hanging in between. They don’t keep their promises and keep their word. You can’t keep such people in your life, people you can’t trust.

2. You Can’t-Do This


Ones who are always top of criticism. People who let your dreams down and put doubts in your mind. They always make you feel as if you are good for nothing and won’t be able to achieve your goals.

3. Mr. I Know Everything


People who believe they know everything. The feel that they are better and superior to the rest. They are always full of themselves and they hardly listen to people around them. Such people are selfish and always look out for their own interests only.

4. The Artificial Ones


Such people might act as your friends when they are around but their feelings about you are never true. They are mean and whatever they tell you is no less than a lie. They will act all nice in front of you but none of their feelings are true and thus you can not trust them a bit.

5. People Who Spark Controversy


They are always looking to create some kind of controversy among others. They pick their weaknesses and flaws so that they can trigger hatred between people. Such people are not only harmful but bring a lot of negativity in your life.

6. The Schemer


They always manipulate things, making their own version of your story. They are good charmers and often deceive people with their fake attitude. Such people manage to extract all they need from you with their pet talks. However, they can never be trusted as they have their own motives attached.

7. The Hustler


People who are always looking for an opportunity. They would only be nice to you till they get their job done. They would be in all praise for you when you are doing well in life. As soon as times change, they would turn their back on you when you need them the most.


Here Are 4 Things We All Are Guilty Of Doing During A Video Chat



We all can relate to the point when we do certain things while video chatting with friends without having them notice it no matter how close you are to them because this could ruin your image. However, today we are going to go fearless and talk about the guilt we keep watering.

Let’s tell the world, there is nothing wrong with doing these things. Instead, it’s funny and relatable.

1. Use The Front Camera As A Mirror


This happens between the short span of making a call and your friend pick it up. It’s funny how we all use the front camera as a mirror to see if we look presentable or not or is there any booger in our noose hanging outside ready to say hello to your friend.

2. Turning Off The Mic When You Are Called


How awkward it would be when you are talking carefree with your friend and your sister show up accusing you of theft because you ate her candies without asking her. Or it could be your mother scolding you for not doing your chores.

But it could be even worse. Imagine you are laughing with her, face to face and suddenly nature calls you and oops! That’s exactly the time when you mute your mic quickly in the speed of light. And trust me it’s okay do to so!

3. Show Only The Best Part Of The Room


Its cliché, everyone does this. We all are guilty of sitting in a place where everything looks perfect. This way we can hide the mess we have all around our room.

4. Freezing Your Hand To The Best Angle


Of course, you don’t want to look ugly, so you fix your hand to a position where your face looks the best no matter even if it freezes your hand.

Sometimes this can give you a bad ache in your arm but we have got to do what we have got to do. Right?

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These Tweets By Malka e Bartania Post Royal Wedding Would Make You Go ROFL




Just before we start, we would like to inform you that this is a satire account. However, it would be unfair to say that the humor is just good. In fact, its simply brilliant, the account has been receiving appreciation from the fans. He is making some hilarious tweets and we can’t simply have enough for it. These tweets by Malka e Bartania post Royal Wedding would surely make you go ROFL. Though the account was up and running for a couple of years, the Royal Wedding actually gave it the rightful place on social media.

It all started with the preps

She didn’t leave Harry alone

so came the wedding day and everyone looked so happy.


exactly …


The whole world was watching even though they had no idea about it.


But nobody knew what’s coming next


The real chapter was about to start, the GREAT GRAND ‘SAAS’ was not about to leave the newlywed American  BAHU to settle so easily

It all started with chakr of GOL ROTI


She is not going to let her use that, no more free fund ki ayashi


Damn, She is going to give her some serious competition

However, she soon clarified and it was just …

And she is not going to leave Meghan’s mother alone!

And she has decided for a morning show special!

Well, she is not sure if Megan can really get used to all this …

Kiraye pe dedo .. LOL

Her life is not easy, The Queen has so much to look after. Stuff like …

and more importantly

Even at this age, she has to look after everything that goes around the Palace

Poori dunya ka khazana loot liya, lakin zindagi ka sukoon na mila

Such is life, even the queen cannot have peace after so much. There is one thing is for sure that she is not letting go of Meghan so easily. She is going to one tough SAAS, so Meghan you better tighten up your seat belts for a roller coaster ride.

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12 Times Life Gives You A Chance To Say Our Business Is Our Business, None Of Your Business




Recently, the Race franchise released the trailer for their 3rd sequel. This time it looks massive as the franchise decided to go with Salman Khan. We all know what it means to have Salman Khan on a project, everything gets bigger and better. The trailer of the movie is enough to tell that so we don’t really need to go there. However, it was not the action pack scenes and babes which made an impact on everyone. It was that one dialogue which actually took the social media by storm. That one dialogue came from Daisay Shah and we know that you are already there. So what if we apply that in our daily lives? actually, there could be 12 times life would give you a chance to say our business is our business, none of your business.

There are so many situations where we could actually fit in those epic lines. Sometimes, they may fit in perfectly if you have to give someone a shut up call and at times it may just work to piss off somebody. So here are some of the funniest situations where we could use these lines in our daily lives.

1. Because It’s Ramazan, we thought to start from here

2. There is one special aunty who is always concerned about your results, just to let others know how good their kids are …

3. Aapkay Khanay Kai Dushman

4. When your business studies teacher asks you if you know anything about business

5. The moment you get your degree, everyone gets concerned about your future.

6. Those ‘get to know each other’ conversations when you really don’t want to get married

7. When people try to be friends with you, just to get your cookbook

8. When you are too confident for an interviewer

9. When a Karachiite calls KESC to check the status of load shedding

10. When Ahmed Shahzad fails again to score runs

11. When you ask government the whereabouts your hard earned tax money

12. Celebrity trolling is so common these days, recently Sonya Hussyn wore two different color shoes and was massively trolled by the keyboard warriors!






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