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Reduce Your Wedding Expenses If You Are Low On The Budget, Here’s Why & How To Do It




Image courtesy: Eye-Candy Event Designers

Reduce your wedding expenses if you are low on the budget because it’s not worth the hassle. What’s the point of taking a bank loan or borrowing money from your family and friends? just to please few hundred people. In a country like ours, wedding at times is a load rather than a celebration. While there are all smiles on the faces of the family members, there is a lot going on inside their mind.

We are not saying that there is any harm in having an extravagant wedding. If you have enough and can afford when than you can do that by all means. However, what about the middle-class families. They are always worried as to what the society would think if they do anything less. Parents have to look after their children’s wish, the family, and the future in-laws.

Here’s why you should reduce your wedding expenses!

You can have a great honeymoon.


You end up spending all your money on the money and are not left with anything in your wallet. Later you decide to move your honeymoon ahead so that you can save some money. At times, you couldn’t save that and end up going nowhere. Also, if you are planning to travel within the country, you might end up saving more and plan an international trip.

Spend on yourself or something you dearly want.


You might have dreamt of having something, something you might not be getting as a wedding gift. Spend that money on getting those things or treat each other with something special. Well, you know how your family manages the household chores and it’s not easy to get everything you like whenever you want to.

How can you save that extra bucks!

Leave the mehndi …


Yes! you heard it right. You don’t have to spend so much or a little bit on this event. We are sure that your friends and cousins so wanted to show their dance moves but hey, you don’t have to take a financial pressure to see their dance moves. The standards of these events have gone up with the social media hype they got. Now you need a dance floor, special lights and a DJ to get a mehndi event going. If you pull all your strings, even then it takes more than 200 thousand or more to organize a decent mehndi function. What can you do with this amount of money?

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Invite close family members and friends only.


You don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not a food fest. You can always keep your gathering limited to the closed ones. If you are asked by people who were not invited, you can always tell them it was a close family affair. However, you can give them small giveaways later so they just don’t feel left out.

Don’t go for a food fest. Two dishes are good enough to fill everyone’s stomach


You don’t have to pile up the dinner table different kind of dishes. It’s not a royal wedding or so, you can always control the cost by eliminating extra things. One of those things is the food, you can have two simple dishes which is good enough for the guest.

No Box gifts, please!


This might sound western but there is nothing wrong with writing this on your invitation card. There is no shame in asking for cash only, you are not putting a price limit. Whatever they give, it will help you with a lot of things post-wedding. This money can help you get a lot of things done.

If you try to follow these small tips you can make the most out of the most special event in your life.




13 Most Common Things We All Do With Our Best Friends




Best friends are for a reason, they meant to be something special. An internal bond, which lives through the rest of our lives. Your best of friends are like your pillars, which makes you feel stronger when you are down. They are your true strength and always someone you can rely on for an honest advice. Even, if it hurts they would put the truth on your face. Here are the most common things we all do with our best friends which make these relationships so special.

1. If they hate you, then so do I.


can’t really do much about it, this is how it works.

2. TAG them, everywhere!


Whenever you find something interesting on Facebook, they are the first ones to know.

3. They remember everything which is important to you


They will always remind you of the submission dates of your assignments, exams schedule and even about meet-ups

4. You can gossip all night and day


All those little secrets. 

5. You trust them with everything.


You share with them all the good and bad things have happened to you. 

6. Find out everything about their crush


Even though it’s their choice, but you will always have some doubts. In fact, you want the best and don’t want them to get hurt. Therefore, you always run your full inspection on them to find out everything you can. 

7. You are like a family, everybody knows you


Everybody around the corner knows you, the only person they have seen their kid hanged out with is you, from phone calls to everything, they know you are important. 

8. You call their dad or mom directly when you can’t trace them


You have all the emergency numbers.

9. Go down the memory lane and find all the embarrassing moments and share them on social media


Where the f**k they find that.

10. Group calls!


Getting on a conference call whether its a latest gossip or to discuss a meet-up plan

11. Borrow each other’s stuff without worrying when to return it.


You know when you don’t have anything where to go to. In fact, at times on a special day, they would offer their things so that you look the best.

12. Staying at each other house for movies


Watching your favorite movies together, staying at each other place and later discussing it.

13. Look for each other’s back.


You are always ready to save each other’s ass. It could be a random call from their home, inquiring about them or maybe something else. You are always ready with a story proving your friend innocent and not-guilty. 

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10 Super Signs That You Are The Craziest Friend In Your Group




I am sure we all have one insane person in our friend group. While reading this, you may realize that it could be you. Isn’t it? They have these supernatural powers. They can make you laugh on the worst possible day. When they are around, you know that you are not dying of boredom. We all have that one crazy friend in our group, who would make us laugh and be part of all the exciting adventures in your life. Here are 10 super signs that you are the craziest friend in your group


1. You are super famous


For good or bad, you are famous. People around you discuss you & you are always confident about whatever you do. 

2. And there is a reason behind your popularity, you have at least embarrassed your friends once at least.


You like to do things & sometimes your actions can be way crazier than expected. 

3. But it doesn’t matter, You are so confident and have that special quality of laughing on your own self.


Was it me? really?

4. And while people stare at you, all your friends have is to keep moving


You just can’t help yourself.

5. You are often given a manual on ‘How to behave’ before they take you somewhere


This is the only thing you don’t know.

6. Your phone calls are dangerous


You are not like others & you often greet people after few ‘F’ words. And sometimes if you do, your greeting is full of such amazing vocabulary. 

7. You often wonder how normal people behave?


You have never heard of anything normal, so how would you know?

8. In fact, you being normal starts worrying everyone.



9. You often hear your friends ‘WTF is that?’


Your energy is unstoppable, nobody can stop you, not even yourself. 

10. They would never say ‘No’ to an adventure.


This is what you were born to do, you live for doing such crazy stuff.

11. You often scare people with your ideas


They are not scared of you actually, your ideas can hound anyone. 

12. Sometimes you sound so intelligent that people get confused


What does that mean?

13. You speak the truth and nothing but the truth.


Well if you are then you are, there is no filter. 

14. Friendship means everything for you, all you have to do is to think about them.


No matter what people think, you are there for your friends. You can do anything to stand by them.

15. You are more excited about your friend’s wedding than they actually are.


Because ‘meray yaar ki shaadi hai’

16. Life is short, why waste in worrying about everything?






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10 Very Ordinary Things We Should Be Thankful For In Our Daily Lives




Source: Youtube/ Lightingle Productions/ Teefa In Trouble

We don’t really get a chance to all the not so important things in our lives. It’s always the luxuries and things we dream for, which comes on the list. Life has changed so much since last few decades. We are so busy with our lives that we don’t even realize the real beauty of life. It’s actually the small things in our life, which seems ordinary are the ones that make us happy. Here are 10 very ordinary things we should be thankful for in our daily lives.

Just take a seat and look around you and you would plenty to enjoy. It’s not about being selfish but there is so much more to life. Think about all those things and see what are the things which satisfy you the most.

1. When you have your favorite food on the table.


You walk into your place and smells your favorite food. You can’t be more thankful to your mom/ wife or whoever cooks food at home for that. 

2. A good cup of ‘Chai’ in the morning

Kin Things

We are a tea-loving nation & a good cup of tea is always a blessing. One good or bad cup in the morning can either make your day or just break your mood. 

3. A call or a message from a close friend


You might be miles apart, but hearing from a close friend is the best feeling. Either its a message or a phone call, it means a lot. That’s one place where you can be yourself. 

4. Hanging out with the people, having good food, movies

Casey Carlisle

Having your friends around you, eat your favorite food and enjoy a good movie together. You can talk about all the crazy stuff and laugh at each other’s stupid jokes. 

5. Spending time with the little ones.


Well, whether it’s your own or your sibling’s. The little ones are a sight of relief. Spending time with those innocent ones can really take your mind off all the stress. 

6. Listening to your favorite music.


Your favorite music is your taste. Especially, when your favorite song pops up during a drive, that special feeling is irreplaceable. You quickly raise the volume as the song hits the floor. 

7. Having a conversation with the special one


What else can you ask for? having someone special around you. Talking to them is like taking off the load of your shoulders. Even a small conversation can make your day. 

8. Your room, a world of your own.


Yes, you can disappear there. It’s your own world, nobody would care what you do or don’t do inside it. 

9. Finding money in your pocket.

College Humour

Even if it’s a 50 rupee note, an old note recovered from your pocket make you feel like you have won a lottery.

10. Having a good night sleep.


We don’t really have to explain this, do we?

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