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Reduce Your Wedding Expenses If You Are Low On The Budget, Here’s Why & How To Do It




Image courtesy: Eye-Candy Event Designers

Reduce your wedding expenses if you are low on the budget because it’s not worth the hassle. What’s the point of taking a bank loan or borrowing money from your family and friends? just to please few hundred people. In a country like ours, wedding at times is a load rather than a celebration. While there are all smiles on the faces of the family members, there is a lot going on inside their mind.

We are not saying that there is any harm in having an extravagant wedding. If you have enough and can afford when than you can do that by all means. However, what about the middle-class families. They are always worried as to what the society would think if they do anything less. Parents have to look after their children’s wish, the family, and the future in-laws.

Here’s why you should reduce your wedding expenses!

You can have a great honeymoon.


You end up spending all your money on the money and are not left with anything in your wallet. Later you decide to move your honeymoon ahead so that you can save some money. At times, you couldn’t save that and end up going nowhere. Also, if you are planning to travel within the country, you might end up saving more and plan an international trip.

Spend on yourself or something you dearly want.


You might have dreamt of having something, something you might not be getting as a wedding gift. Spend that money on getting those things or treat each other with something special. Well, you know how your family manages the household chores and it’s not easy to get everything you like whenever you want to.

How can you save that extra bucks!

Leave the mehndi …


Yes! you heard it right. You don’t have to spend so much or a little bit on this event. We are sure that your friends and cousins so wanted to show their dance moves but hey, you don’t have to take a financial pressure to see their dance moves. The standards of these events have gone up with the social media hype they got. Now you need a dance floor, special lights and a DJ to get a mehndi event going. If you pull all your strings, even then it takes more than 200 thousand or more to organize a decent mehndi function. What can you do with this amount of money?

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Invite close family members and friends only.


You don’t have to invite everyone, it’s not a food fest. You can always keep your gathering limited to the closed ones. If you are asked by people who were not invited, you can always tell them it was a close family affair. However, you can give them small giveaways later so they just don’t feel left out.

Don’t go for a food fest. Two dishes are good enough to fill everyone’s stomach


You don’t have to pile up the dinner table different kind of dishes. It’s not a royal wedding or so, you can always control the cost by eliminating extra things. One of those things is the food, you can have two simple dishes which is good enough for the guest.

No Box gifts, please!


This might sound western but there is nothing wrong with writing this on your invitation card. There is no shame in asking for cash only, you are not putting a price limit. Whatever they give, it will help you with a lot of things post-wedding. This money can help you get a lot of things done.

If you try to follow these small tips you can make the most out of the most special event in your life.




Here Are The 7 Most Brutal Lies We Tell Ourselves




Of all the lies we speak in our lives, the worst are the ones we tell ourselves. We lie to ourselves because we don’t want to see the truth, we are afraid of losing. We don’t want to face failures or disappointments in life, therefore, we tend to hide behind these lies. Though nobody appreciates lies in real life, in fact, you hate when someone lies to you. But the truth is that we all lie to ourselves and we do it every day without even knowing it. Here are the 7 most brutal lies we tell ourselves.

1. I cannot change my past!


Nobody can change what happened it in the past but that doesn’t mean that you need to get stuck in those moments. Your past will only haunt you as long as you want it to chase you. There is no point in regretting of what you did in your past. It’s been done and there is nothing much you can do about it. You have to tell yourself, you can do better and move forward.

2. I will do that later

Perez Hilton

It never happens, you put things in your future bucket list. You plan those things for the right time but there is no right time. Every day you get busier than the other and fail to get it done. We need to learn to live in the present because nobody knows about the future.

3. I have had enough …


Often when you don’t get the desired results in life, you start comforting yourself by saying that you had enough. It’s the biggest lie you tell yourself because from the inside you know that you didn’t. There is a lot you want to do but you give yourself these false reasons so that you don’t feel bad about yourselves.

4. I would have done great if I had that …


We always complain about the things we don’t have. We try to find reasons to blame for not achieving what we aspired to. This is very common when we talk about money. A lot many people believe they would have been a lot happier if they had certain things. Unfortunately, you have to work hard to get those things. Also, there is no measurement of happiness. It’s you who decides, either by thanking for what you have or working hard for what makes you happy.

5. They are successful because they had everything


It’s not wrong to say that if you get some kind of support, life does get easier for you. However, that does not mean that you didn’t get to the top because you didn’t have that same support. Everyone is tested in its own way, some get it easy and some have to work hard for it.  Also, success is not the only factor to live a happier life. You never know what the other person goes through behind what you see. God test everyone in different ways.

6. I can’t do it, I am too old for that!


There is no age to enter a race if you have the courage. There are no ages to be successful or make your dreams come true. There is not just a dream. There are always different perspectives and if you didn’t get one, just take a different route to get there. There is no way that people can stop you if you don’t want them to stop you.

7. I have to be nice to everyone!


Why? you don’t have to be nice all the time. You can be selfish about yourself at times. We often hesitate when it comes to saying No to others. There is nothing wrong with doing that and one should not feel bad about it. Afterall, you have all the right to be happy.

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Here Are The Most famous Lines You Hear In Every Desi Wedding




Our weddings are like festivals and they consist of everything. All the emotional drama, suspense, thriller, in fact, our cinema and television industry is made from these events. While a wedding goes on the family goes through a roller coaster ride. The wedding day itself is like an aptitude test in a top institute. This is what you have worked for all your life. You simply can’t fail the test or you will be remembered for your life. But there are few things without which our weddings are incomplete. Besides the food, costumes, and activities, here are the most famous lines you hear in every desi wedding.

Normally, the wedding day is like …


While the bride and groom take their place on the stage, they could see the whole world sitting in front of them. Everyone is busy with their own thing. The moment they see a family member as they enter the venue.

Bohat Mubarak Ho Aap Logon Ko …


Then people normally move around to find a decent place and close to people they know. Once they find them there is always a family who gets targeted for this question ‘Bachay Nahi Aye?’

Woh Unke Assignments Chal Rahay Hain …


You know kids these days, they have so much to do. We asked but they had their assignment work.

Masha-Allah Dono Baray Achay Lag Rahay Hain


You can’t have a wedding without those cute remarks.

Allah Jodi Salamat Rakhay!


And all the blessings

Khannay Mai Kia Hai?

The most important question of the night, the one thing which everyone came for.


the next most important question

Khana Lagay Ka Kab?


Those empty stomachs keep on staring at the dinner table. This is so important that they want to get rid of everything before the dinner kicks off. So most of them ask their spouses

Dulha Dulhan Ko Mubarakbaad Dekay Ajain


While everyone’s busy doing their own thing, there will be aunties. Ones who are on a rishta hunt

Uski beti ko dekha?


and some are upset because ‘unsay kisi ne kuch poocha nahi’


While so much goes around, the only thing the bride & groom are concerned about is the Salami


Who cares who is saying what?

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These Are 13 Signs In Life Which Tell You It’s Time To Move On & Fulfill Your Dreams




Image courtesy: facebook/ Ushna Shah

We all dream of big things but fulfilling them is often the most difficult start. The worst part is that you don’t know where to start from? Believe me, life will always tell you when it’s time to move on. If you really want to fulfill your dreams, then you need to start believing in yourself and those signs. There are not physically available however, you can feel them. You know when it’s coming, though there will be a lot of confusion in your mind. These are 13 signs in life which tell you it’s time to move on & fulfill your dreams.

1. You will often feel sorry for yourself.


You will start wondering about your past. The decisions you made and would often regret making those.

2. Then you will realize that those decisions were making way for your dreams


Yes, you weren’t wrong always and even if you were, there was a reason behind it.

3. You will start feeling less satisfied


When it comes to creative satisfaction, it’s not there anymore. Your mind will start feeling numb and mostly awkward.

4. Your mornings will be like an extra burden on you


Mornings will be harsh not because you don’t want to wake up and go out. It’s the emptiness in you because you are not enjoying what you do anymore.

5. Your daily routine would get boring each day


You are not feeling the same anymore, everything looks so lame.

6. You know what you want but there is a hell lot of confusion out there.


You are there but you are not. There will be so many questions in your mind. Whether you will make it or not?

7. During all this, you will face a time when you will start feeling frustrated.



8. There is so much going on in your mind and the last thing you want is a distraction


You want to concentrate on what you want to do and a small interference can cause a mental disruption. Hate that!

9. You will have a feeling that people around you really don’t care or unable to catch-up with your pace!


You are running for your dreams but you will realize they are too many people holding you back. Only because they are not willing to run as hard as you are or you can!

10. At times small things will look like climbing Everest

Melissa Parkin’s

Oh Shit!

11. The results won’t come easily


You will feel as if it will take a lifetime to achieve those.

12. There will be days when you will feeling like running away!

Gif Image

There is mental fatigue and eventually, there will come a day when you would simply like to run away from everything. Just give up!

13. But then you will realize giving up is not an option!


You just can’t give up like this, you have worked so hard and want to live a life of your dreams.

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