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The Bad Boys Of PSL & Their Fury On The Field




Cricket is a gentleman’s game but sometimes these gentle personalities can really turn bad. They are aggressive and when it comes to taking on the competition they don’t compromise. No matter who is the opponent they are always willing to take them head-on. In last three years, we have seen many such conflicts but this year has been a special one. Here are the bad boys of PSL & their fury on the field.

1. Wahab Pushes Off Ahmed Shehzad!

source: Youtube/ ezgif

After getting hit for a six, Wahab soon took his revenge from Ahmed Shehzad. Both players have a history of going under the skin of their opponents, the dismissal didn’t end the way everyone expected.

2. Rumman Raees celebration surely became the talk of the town.

source: Youtube/ ezgif

His celebration was something which everyone was talking about but it didn’t go down well with Imad Wasim.

3. Aamir does a Raees!

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However, the kings took that incident too seriously. As soon Amir took out Raees he gave him his own dose of celebration.

This year has been special, the competition is tougher and so are the players. The Send-offs has been extra special!

4. After getting hit for two boundaries, LALA sent the young champ home.

source: Youtube/ ezgif

A lot of people criticized Afridi for doing this to a young kid but remember it’s a game. While you are on the pitch, there are no juniors or seniors. So what Lala did was all in the spirit of the game.

5. This was one of the best moments, Rahat Ali’s send-off was all fast bowling is all about.

source: Youtube/ ezgif

Imad Wasim has a history of crying after getting dismissed. Earlier, it was Rumman Raees and this year it was Rahat Ali. However, the fans loved Rahat and thought he was too cool.

There are too many angry left-arm fast bowlers out there.

6. Sohail Tanvir got pimped by the Aussie bad boy, Shane Watson

source: Youtube/ ezgif

There was some verbal exchange between Shane Watson and Sohail Tanvir. Sohail passed on some comment and got a bad-ass reply from Watson. Pollard soon jumped in to support his teammate but it was Watson who walked out as the lucky man. Pollard dropped him off the next ball and got a decent glance from Watson.

7. The left-arm pacer likes to trigger the batsman!

source: Youtube/ ezgif

He has a strong history of doing that, Wahab bowled the best spell of his career to Watson during World Cup. He took on Ahmed Shahzad ruthlessly during the first season of PSL. This year he took the skipper. In a crucial encounter, Wahab was bowling extremely quick and Sarfaraz was having a difficult time in knocking the bowler. While Sarfarz went for a boundary on a slower one, he asked ‘Kehli nahi jaa rahi’. 

8. Aamir pushed Ahmed Shehzad an extra mile!

source: Youtube/ ezgif

Ahmed Shahzad is having a rough patch in this season, he hasn’t scored anything big for his team. Yesterday, he tried to strike a short ball, though it did go for a six it was a thick edge to the third man. Things really didn’t go down well as Aamir applauded him for getting runs off an edge.




Anwar Ali Turned Hero From Zero For His Last Over Heroic Effort




Source: CricinGIF

It was a thriller last night between Peshawar Zalmi & Quetta Gladiators. This was probably one of the best encounters in PSL. Both teams fought until the end but it was the Zalmis who walked out glorious. However, if there was someone who totally deserves all the appreciation for this excitement, it was Anwar Ali. Anwar Ali turned hero from zero for his last over heroic effort. Nobody thought that the match would turn this way. He stood there like a lone ranger and took on the attack like a gladiator. However, it was not the same before the last over heroics.

Anwar Ali should be kicked out of the team!

Here are some series of tweets where fans really didn’t want to see him. They thought he is outdated and does not deserve to be on the team. But it was just minutes later, everything changed. Soon they were chanting for Anwar Ali and believed he is the best hope out there for gladiators.

The ‘One Over’ Heroics made him everyone’s hero!

He knew what he is looking for!

They deserve all the appreciation.

It was sad to see such an ending but this is what the game is all about. One team wins and one loses, this is how it goes. They fought hard, putting everything on the field. They even bowled well except getting few extra hits from the lower order. The batsman should have done better. But you can’t deny Wahab and Hasan Ali’s closing spell. They bowled like real champions



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Fans Trolled Kings After A Ronchi Display In The First Playoff Match




source: Cricbuzz/ Twitter

It didn’t go as expected or we should say it exactly went as the fans were expecting. Ronchi’s dropped a hail storm on Karachi with fours & sixes. It was one of the most destructive innings we have witnessed in past three seasons. Karachi from the very start struggled to catch up the pace. Somehow they managed to put on a fighting score, thanks to Ingram & Denly who fought hard. However, all their efforts were in vain as Ronchi stepped up on the field. They chased down the target in just 12 overs. It was truly a horror show for the Kings.

After watching their performance this season many would love to do that!

Not a bad option, just stop him from traveling to Karachi.

Probably they thought it’s going to be a walk in the park.

Dekh lengay …

Meri Marzi!

Ronchi, winner of aik dhulai challenge!

It was worse than that!

Kesay, Aisey Wesay?

Haye Re Meri Qismat …

Even he couldn’t do much!

It’s better they forget if he wants to win the next game …

Yeah Baby, One more time!

Aise phir na dekhnay ko milay kuch!

T10 League is not even launched yet & he gave us a trailer!

It was dead after 5 overs.

It was so quick!

These are one of those innings which will be remembered for a long time. Ronchi is the find of the season and the way he has played is remarkable. Islamabad picked a great side and a lot of experts believed that they will come from behind and will be a major force to reckon. Perhaps they were right as Islamabad not only finished at the top of the table, they are the first ones to reach the finals.


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It Was ‘Yeh Karachi Hai Meri Jaan’ Last Night For KK Fans But For Others It Was Just …




Image Courtesy: ESPNCricinfo/ Raja Babu

It was a do or die situation for Karachi after Qalandars lost to Zalmi. They had to win the match against Islamabad. A side which had already qualified and was on top of the table. There were too many ifs and buts for Karachi in last night’s game. The team gave their 100 percent on the field to make sure they finish as the winners. Which they actually did, the win not only took them to the playoffs but also helped them finish second.

Just before the match a lot of Lahore fans were happy with the fact that they have made the road to playoffs difficult for Karachi. To some extent they were not wrong, considering the form United was in. However, things didn’t go as planned and Karachi had a convincing win. It was ‘Yeh Karachi Hai Meri Jaan’ last night for KK fans.  Unfortunately, it was not only the Lahore fans who went quite but the Sultans too had to pack their bags. A side which kicked off their season in style and looked the most promising team was just handed over a return ticket.

Fans had their share too …

Not the one to remember!

some dreams simply don’t come true.

We all know the reason …

a lot of them thought this too …

the exchange was from both sides, Karachi fans didn’t leave their shelves empty.

some of those exchanges got too personal & offensive

Though its all part of the game, our fans will learn too. It’s not that they would stop fighting, that would continue because that reflects the beauty of the game. You may feel bad or angry for a while but at the end of the day, these are the things which make PSL so special. However, it was a special day for Afridi as he became the fourth bowler in the world and first Pakistani to get 300 Wickets in T20 format. This last tweet is for LALA!


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