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The Death Of Bollywood Diva Sridevi Led To A Verbal Spat On The Internet




The death of Bollywood diva Sridevi led to a verbal spat o the internet. Sridevi, one of the most iconic figures passed away in Dubai due to a massive cardiac arrest. She was only 54 and the news certainly came as a shock for the entire world. Not just Bollywood, Pakistani artist too paid their tribute to the lady. The news was there on all social media platforms, however, it was the fans who had a heated argument. A lot of fans believed that there was no point in discussing her while thousand Syrians died in a bomb attack.

This is quite debatable but there is no point in entering into such a debate. Famous people tend to generate more attention, which does not mean that innocents dying in different parts of the world are less important. Whatever is happening in Syria, is totally condemnable.

What we need to understand here is the importance of life. People who have contributed to the society through their work gets all the attention. Only because we do not have friendly relations with our neighbors does not mean we should behave as if it does not matter. Pakistani entertainment industry has been long influenced by Bollywood. Our actors have gone across the border to work in their movies. In fact, her last movie featured two of our artist.

source: Dawn Images

She worked with Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique in the movie MOM. Sri Devi and Sajal’s  performance received great reviews from the critics. Sajal Ali became too fond of the actor and mentioned that she has found her second mother in Sri Devi.

We need to Learn.

The news is of importance for an entertainment platform. The on-going war in Kashmir is important to the entire world but you can’t expect an entertainment platform to talk about Kashmir, Burma or Syria. The platform is built to promote the ongoing news in the entertainment industry. If people want news on the global affairs than there are news sites where you can get all these updates.


Indians Called Kapil Sharma A Traitor For Hosting The PSL Zalmi Night




Image courtesy: Business Recorder

Cricket and entertainment industry are the only two platforms where Pakistan & India actually come together. It’s not the first time that any Bollywood actor has attended a PSL ceremony or a match. Last year, Sonam Kapoor came all the way to Dubai stadium on a special invitation from Javed Afridi. Unfortunately, she couldn’t enter the stadium due to some restrictions by PCB.

Chitrangada Singh attended the first PSL

source: Emirates 24/7

Sanjay Kapoor attended PSL ceremony yesterday.

source: Willow Cricket

Kapil Sharma hosted the Zalmi Night.

Javed Afridi hosted the dinner for his team and supporters a day earlier in Dubai. The night was hosted by Bollywood’s top comedian Kapil Sharma. However, it didn’t go down well with the Indian fans. This Indian journalist slammed Kapil for hosting the event.

The fans soon started cursing Kapil for doing so …

He needs money because his movie didn’t do well on the box-office

Is aadmi ko India ka President banado!

He is a poor guy, all he has is Pakistani media!


However, there were few sane people out there.

There is no point of spreading hatred among the fans. Such media personalities are the reason why there is so much intolerance among the people. They are the gatekeepers of our society and rather than doing hate-speech they should try to neutralize the situation.


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Hijab Model Amena Khan Pulls Out Of L’Oreal Campaign Over Anti-Israeli Tweets, Fans Believe She Didn’t Have To!




French fashion giants L’Oreal launched the first ever shampoo campaign for women wearing hijab. They chose Amena Khan, leading British hijab model as the face of the campaign. This was a huge step in the market and was widely appreciated by the people. This campaign was breaking stereotypes as no brand has ever taken a step in a European market before. However, Amena Khan pulls out of L’Oreal campaign after days of its launch over some anti-Israeli tweets she made years ago.

Besides being a mother she is a known YouTube vlogger, co-founder of Ardere Cosmetics, designer of her own line of headscarves.

Khan Apologizes To Her Fans For The Mistake She Made Years Ago

However, Fans Believe She Didn’t Have To Apologize For Stating Some Facts!

The Best One Came For Jeremy Mclellan

Others Too Shared The Same Opinion!

Sources Say That There Was a Lot Of Pressure From Certain Groups After This Campaign

Although Some Fans Thought She Preferred A Brand Over Something Which Was Righteous!

L’Oreal Has Approved Her Decision

L’Oreal group, contacted by AFP, said it “approved” her decision.

“We appreciate the fact that Amena has apologized for the content of her tweets and for the reactions they may have aroused,” it said.

We should wait and see what Amena has to say on this issue. Was it due to the pressure or she didn’t mean what she wrote back in 2014. It’s still too early to judge her and question her reason for pulling out of the campaign in such a way.

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Sonny B Williams, The First Muslim To Play For All Blacks Recently Performed Umrah & Fans Are In Love!




source: Daily Mail/ Twitter/ Pinterest

Sonny B Williams, the first Muslim to play for All Blacks recently performed Umrah. He converted to Islam back in 2008 and he is one of the leading names in Rugby & Boxing in New Zealand.

If You Don’t Know About Sonny, Then Here Is All You Need To Know

Sonny is a pro-rugby and boxing athlete. He has played seven seasons for the Rugby Union and has won two World Cups for Black Caps. He won the International player of the year in 2013 and also Rookie Player of the Year Award. Sonny has also been a part professional boxing. He is a former New Zealand Heavy Weight Champion and World Boxing Association International Heavy Weight Champion. 

He Is Currently Performing Umrah & Fans All Over The World Loved It!

He Went To Madinah & Felt In Love With The Place

What an amazing feeling visiting the prophets(as) holy masjid in Madinah.

A post shared by Sonny Bill Williams (@sonnybillwilliams) on

He Also Visited Jannat-ul-Baqi …

“Awesome morning spent visiting the baqee cemetery & making dua for some of the greatest people in Islamic history thanks to the Shiek’s for their insightful knowledge today”

Fans Were So Happy To See Him …

Fans Who Are Already In Makkah Wish To Meet Him Personally

Some People Thought It’s Not Right To Perform Umrah With A Tattoo On It!

and again!

and again …

However, There Are People Who Know What Islam Says About Such Matters

They came forward to rectify those who did not have the right answer. It’s always good to enlighten people if they are not aware of an issue.


May Allah Bless his Holy Journey and give him more success in life!

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