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TV journalist tries to defame Fakhar Zaman’s name for a very stupid reason




A very well known TV journalist Abdul Majid Bhatti, whom we are font of seeing on GEO Super as a cricket analyst tweeted earlier today about Fakhar Zaman. He tried to defame his name for a very awkward reason. It’s a case of social black mailing as he had not right to disclose any such private information on a public platform


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Kamran Akmal Was On The Receiving End Of All The Hate As Karius Cost Liverpool The UCL Title




The UEFA Champions League final was a night to remember and that too for many reasons. It was one of the most exciting matches and it did live up to the expectations. From the beginning of the match, there was so much going on the field. Liverpool thoroughly dominated the first 30 minutes of the game until this happened.

The rough tackle by Ramos not only put Salah out of the game, it took the game away from Liverpool

Madrid smoothly waved their way soon after that. They won the third consecutive UCL title beating Liverpool 3-1. There were some heroic performances from the players which mainly included the two goals from Bale. The Welsh player took the Reds by storm. However, it didn’t start with Bale’s epicness. There was one guy who was having a really bad day. It was Liverpool’s goalkeeper Karius who had a rough day at the office and it all started like this.

and got worst with this

While the Liverpool fans around the globe were cursing him, it reminded the Pakistani fans of someone very special.

Our very own ‘KAMRAN AKMAL’

We still haven’t forgotten this moment when he simply dropped the final in this year’s PSL.

Was it really him under some mask?

It was indeed an honor for him.

K for Karius, K for Kamran!

Kami For Football!

Thank you, Pakistan

Kamran Akmal just got FAMOUS

However, some thought Kami is better than Karius

after that loss, we can expect that!

Liverpool fans left the stadium disappointed. Karius, on the other hand, kept lying on the field crying. He apologoized from all the fans about his mistakes and they had to lose the title because of him. It was a great gesture and a sign of a great player.

There is one thing for sure, Kamran Akmal would have never done that. We know how dheet these brothers are!

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Thank You AB De Villiers Says The World To The Greatest Cricketing Gladiator




AB De Villiers sudden retirement from international cricket came as a shock to many. Fans never expected that he would retire so soon, considering he is only 34. A lot of people believe that he still had a couple of years left. He is one of the finest cricketers of our time. In fact what he brought to the game was beyond anyone’s imagination. He simply reinvented the short over format with his style and charisma. Undoubtedly, he will stand among the all-time greatest of this amazing game we call cricket. Thank you AB De Villiers says the world to the greatest cricketing gladiator.

His fans and the experts will miss him on the field. He was not only a great batsman, he was an extraordinary fielder. Every time AB stood on the field, he gave his 100% for his team and for his country. He shall always be remembered as a Proteas legend. Stars from around the world paid tribute to one of the finest we have seen.

He announced his retirement with a heartfelt message, says he is tired and running out of gas

While fans were left disappointed, the best of the game paid tribute to one of the finest athletes of the game.

The master himself congratulated him and wished him all the best.

Mrs. Kohli sent his warm wishes to both AB and his wife.

We too wish him the best!

Respect is the only word to define him

Many Pakistani Cricketers paid their tribute to the legend

Truly the best!

and yes everyone’s favorite.

and an inspiration to many

Afridi shared some great memories with the legend

But the best came from Shoaib Malik, I guess he was expecting to see him in the next WC

His own teammates congratulated him for a great career

One of the greatest all-rounders had all the good things to say about the man

The might Amla!

and they continued …

A true entertainer, fighter and the greatest proteas player we will ever see.

With over eight thousand test runs and nine thousand ODI runs, the guy ruled the arena like a gladiator. He fought and won the respect of his fans and adversaries. There are very few who have received so much love by every fan around the world. And like a great player, he just decided to call it a day. He is definitely leaving the game on the high but we would love to see him in the future. A player of his class has a lot to offer. We wish him the best for a happy future and thank him for his contribution to the game of cricket.


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PCB To Inquire The Change In The Test Kit After Wasim Akram Questioned The Board




Earning a test cap is a dream of every young cricketer. Test cricket is the real test for any cricketer who wants to earn his place in the international arena. The national test cap is an honor for every cricketer and is a sign of utmost respect. Currently, Pakistan is playing against Ireland. This test marks the debut of the Irish team in test cricket. So far the Pakistani team has done a decent job under such rough weather conditions. They forced the Irish team for a follow-on after a great display of bowling. However, it was not the performance which caught the attention. It was the test kit which got the legend’s attention. Wasim Akram highlighted something which seemed pretty normal but carries a lot of weight. PCB to inquire the change in the test kit, however, we are yet to have an official statement from their side.

The test kit does not carry the green strips anymore, WHY?

Wasim tweeted a screenshot from the match and inquired PCB regarding the omission of green strips

To our surprise, PCB had no clue about the change in the kit

Now, this was quite a shock for all of us. The board should have an idea about the changes in the kit, after all, who get these things done if the board is unaware of such things.

The fans were angry on such a casual reply

and as usual, PCB was caught napping.

The green strips hold a very special value as the greats of the game have carried the colors on the field

The Great Imran Khan


The finest modern-day era batsman Pakistan has ever produced – Javed Miandad

The legendary ‘Zaheer Abbas’

 The weapon of destruction, The two Ws.

Every legend has worn the green and yellow stripes with their white uniform. How can PCB miss that? Wasim Akram tweeted again regarding the matter.

Wasim gently replied to his own tweet and it makes sense. There is nothing wrong with rebranding your uniform but something which holds such strong values in the history of the game should have been made after consulting with some senior players. The green is our national color and represents us as a country. Well, we hope that PCB comes up with a sensible reason for omitting the color from the test kit.

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