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Two Fans Fought On Mawra’s Photo After Some Indecent Comments & That’s Where We Are Going Wrong!




source: Instagram

We have covered so many stories recently about celebrities getting bullied by fans. They pass on their judgments and opinions, we have seen some of the nastiest comments on the photos. The recent attack by the keyboard warriors was made on Mawra Hocane. Earlier, it was her sister who was trolled for sitting on a sofa. The stories just keep on adding on. Two fans fought on Mawra’s photo after some indecent comments, which made us realize that you really don’t have to reveal anything. These people have laser vision and they can even look beyond a wall if they have to …

Woh Dikhainge Tu Hum Dekhainge Philosophy!

They won’t shut their eyes or move away. They won’t stop following them, they would eagerly wait for their movies & dramas. This has always been a one-sided affair. Wearing a traditional outfit is the only part they have taught. The second chapter of moving away or avoiding was never taught to them. If you disagree with the way they live, just stay away from it.

Mawra’s Recent Photo On Insta Followed Some Shameful Comments.

Though the photo didn’t have much and one does not have to zoom in to find something. Only if you are particularly looking for something to satisfy your Tharak.

Her Fans Were Happy But Then There Were Moral Followers!

He further continued.

A girl jumped in asking not to use such abusive language to which he replied and it was no surprise to us

She peacefully replied

and sarcastically gave him a shut up call

The guy simply lost his pants on this and past some indecent comments to which she never replied.

She wondered who gave anyone an authority to pass on Fatawa?

call girl, seriously? Now you can see the kind of upbringing the guy has received.

Another Point Of Concern Is Girls Making Such Comments!

At least women can give respect to their own gender. Even if you don’t like what they wear or how they behave one should maintain a decency.

This girl made a comment on Mawra for not wearing a dupatta!

and the next comment would surprise you, people, more …

This comment by a lady was a shocker! Log apnay ghar mai nahi jhanktay!

A boy came out …

We are surprised after reading this conversation. This was really upsetting, especially the second part.  A girl not wearing a dupatta in her profile photo calling a celebrity out for not doing the same. The kind of language and attitude needs to change. Passing on comments have become a kind of a national hobby of our people.




The Internet Is Raging Over Saba Qamar For Her Unorthodox Photo Shoot




Image Source: Hello Pakistan/ Photography By Abdullah Haris Films

She is the leading name on Pakistani television, possibly bigger than Mahira Khan. Saba Qamar is one of the few artists who is known for her skills across the globe. Her drama serials have millions of views on Youtube with people glued from around the world. Undoubtedly she is the biggest name Pakistan has produced in past decade. She recently shot for a leading publication, Hello Pakistan and she looked gorgeous with all her beautiful looks. However, the internet is raging over Saba Qamar for her unorthodox photo shoot.

People on social media are having all kinds of reactions from Haaye to Yeh Isko Kya Hogaya? 

Saba Qamar Sizzles Like A Real Queen In This Saree

source: All Pakistani Drama Page

She looks totally breathtaking

source: All Pakistani Drama Page

However, it was these two photos which made everyone go ‘Bay Haya, Bay Haya’

source: All Pakistani Drama Page

Sunny Leone sub ney dekhi hai …

and the other photo which created quite a buzz was …

source: All Pakistani Drama Page

Brides with sneakers have certainly become a photographer’s favorite these days. Unfortunately, people still find it hard to understand between a photo shoot and reality. You create a certain ambiance to look different, which does not mean that it needs to be done in real life.

Do you really think the same? Let us know what you think of Saba Qamar’s latest photo shoot in the comments section below.


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Hina Altaf’s Recent Photos Show How Much She Has Evolved From A VJ To A Leading Name In The Industry




People who watch TV dramas would normally know Hina Altaf for her performances in drama serials. She has done some remarkable roles in drama serials like Udaari, Ek This Misal, Abro & Madawa. However, this is not how it all started for the young star. She first appeared on the television as a contest for MTV VJ Hunt. Hina Altaf’s recent photos show how much she has evolved as a VJ to a leading name in the industry.

And you won’t believe who took her audition?

Yes! Our very own diva, Mahira Khan accompanied by Mani & Faizan. She made it to the finals but couldn’t win the competition but she surely impressed a lot of people.

Soon, she started her on-screen journey with Play TV.

The music industry was growing and there was a lot of new music channels. Play TV was the youngest of all and they were looking desperately for new talent. Hina Altaf was one of the names who joined the newly launched channel alongside Sanam Jhung, a well-known actress, and host now.

After this everything turned her way as she was soon picked by ARY Musik

ARY Musik, one of the leading music channel of that time was struggling with new faces. Their batch of iconic VJs had left and they were looking to re-invent themselves. Hina Altaf was again in the spotlight and was hand-picked by the channel. Not only she got her way to the biggest media group, she got to host the most iconic show on the channel. Girl’s Republic, previously hosted by one of the most famous VJs Sehrish Mohsin. She gladly transferred her seat to Hina Altaf, where her true journey began.

source: ARY Musik

She was joined by many new faces who are now leading television from the front.

source: ARY Musik

From the next door girl, she moved on the bigger screen.

She got her big screen break from a drama serial Mariam Kesay Jiyay on ARY Digital. 

The serial might not have scored very high on the charts but it did show the producers what Hina is made off. Her acting skills were widely appreciated. After that, there was no looking back for her.

Her recent photoshoot shows how much she has evolved in last half a decade or so.

Photography @razajeff 📷 hair and makeup @aashoolicious 💄

A post shared by Hina Altaf Khan (@hinaaltaf) on

She took a bold avatar which is quite opposite of what the fans have seen. Hina was always the cute, chubby girl but now have evolved as an actress. Her recent photos portray a totally different side of hers.

So what do you have to say about her epic transformation? We just hope to see more of her in the days to come and maybe someday on the silver screen as well.



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Iman Ali Shared An Old Cover Photo Of Hers & Damn She Hasn’t Changed




Source: Women's Own/ Instagram/ Iman Ali

One of the leading names in the fashion industry, it looks like Iman Ali won’t get old. In fact, will each year she is getting gorgeous by day. It seems like nothing can beat her. She is now in her mid-thirties and she is still blossoming. Though, she was out of the mainstream business for quite a while but recently stunned everyone with her comeback. Iman Ali shared an old cover photo of hers & damn she hasn’t changed.

A walk down the memory lane!

#Tb to this day #visageofficial #imanali

A post shared by Iman Ali (@imanaliofficial) on

Damn Girl! It looks like yesterday

She hasn’t aged a little, this recent photoshoot looks as if both the photoshoots were done in just a couple of year’s time. But no, it;s been 12 years since she was on the cover of that magazine.

source: Women’s Own

She looks like a true queen as she posed for Women’s Own edition

source: Women’ Own

and soon after she raised the temperature with her sensuous shoot for Faraz Manan’s collection

source: Veryfilmi

In fact, she did a cover shoot for Visage back in 2016 & she looked gorgeous as before.

Cover of #VisageOfficial #Annual2016

A post shared by Iman Ali (@imanaliofficial) on

She might have taken a break from the covers but she continued to mesmerize us on the big screen.

source: Youtube/ ezgif

She was last seen in Mah-e-Mir and nobody could have looked better than her.

source: Youtube/ ezgif

She is truly the Anar Kali of our golden screen who continues to entertain her fans. It’s been more than a decade now and her everlasting presence continues to impress us every time she appears on our screens.





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