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Xiamoi Redmi 5 Exclusively Launches On Mistore At PKR 16,999 Only




Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 Priced at PKR 16,999 Exclusively Launches on

Pakistan, 28th February 2017 — Global technology leader Xiaomi is bringing its full-screen display innovations to the low range smartphone category with the release of Redmi 5 exclusively on

With beautifully designed 18:9 HD+ screens with rounded display corners, this model is powered by Snapdragon 450, Octa-core processors. Sporting large pixel (1.25μm) sensors for the main camera, front Selfie-light, as well as long-lasting batteries.


18:9 display with rounded corners

With a 5.7-inch 18:9 HD+ display that takes up almost the entire front surface, Redmi 5 provides a much larger viewing area compared with traditional 16:9 screen displays. This gives a better user experience whether users are reading news, editing spreadsheets, or playing games on a smartphone.

In addition, Redmi 5 has a screen with rounded display corners and is designed with close attention to symmetry, delivering a stunning appearance. It also features a four-sided curved design that gives users amazing hand-feel.

Large 1.25μm pixels and front LED Selfie-light for natural, well-exposed photos

Redmi 5 comes with rear cameras sporting large 1.25μm-pixel sensors. The larger the pixels, the more light a sensor can capture, giving better image quality even in situations when lighting conditions are not perfect.

The front Selfie-light on the Redmi 5 allows users to capture beautiful selfies even in low-light conditions. With an always-on mode, this also works when shooting videos. Combined with Xiaomi’s Beautify 3.0, Redmi 5 delivers flattering and natural selfies.

Long battery life and MIUI 9 enhancements

Battery life is one of the most important features of the Redmi series, and Redmi 5 continues this tradition with a built-in 3300 mAh battery.

Yambo Studio

Flagship-level testing standards

Xiaomi’s Redmi series is widely recognized for high quality, a result of various factors including the use of best-in-class suppliers, and extremely stringent reliability tests comparable to those used for flagship devices.

One example of Xiaomi’s dedication to introducing the highest quality features on all its devices is a design tailored to buffer the impact of any fall in the new Redmi 5 smartphones. With a reinforced structure, the likelihood of a broken screen is reduced in cases when a user drops the smartphone, landing corner first.  Furthermore, enhancements to the earpiece, including an additional waterproof layer, help protect the Redmi 5 from sweat and dust, reducing the likelihood of the call volume dropping over time.

he Redmi 5 (2GB+16 GB) is available in three colors; Gold, Black, and Blue. The Redmi 5 (3GB+32GB) will be launching in the near future.

Flash Sale

A limited stock of the Redmi 5 (2GB + 16GB) will be available on the discounted price during the second flash sale on 1st March from 6 PM to 10 PM at

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Coca-Cola Pakistan Organized First Ever Digital Donation Drive For Edhi




As a part of it’s recently launched campaign, #EidiForEdhi, to collect donations, Coca-Cola Pakistan organized first ever digital donation drive for Edhi, called Digithon. Digithon was showcased LIVE on the official Facebook page of Coca-Cola Pakistan on Monday, June 05 from 04:00-6:00 pm.

What Happened At Digithon?

It was an exciting affair as renowned celebrities including Ali Rehman Khan, Maya Ali, Momina Mustehsan, Younis Khan and Aahad Raza Mir attended the Digithon to raise funds for Eidhi Foundation.

Ali Rehman was hosting this event LIVE and people from all over Pakistan were able to make calls on the show and SMS their pledges to donate funds to Edhi Foundation.

People sending questions for celebrities by using the hashtag #ForEdhi were also given a chance to participate as their questions were being answered on the show.

Eidi For Edhi Was Raised At Digithon

The 2 hours LIVE session went really well and turned out to be extremely successful as, with the combined effort of celebrities and the people of Pakistan, pledges for PKR 13m+ were made.

If you already being amazed at the number of funds raised via Digithon then hold your breath as we are about to share the most exciting part of the Digithon with you.

A Signed Bat Was Auctioned At Digithon -YESSSS!

Can you believe this? A bat was available on sets which were signed by all celebrities present at the Digithon to be auctioned with a simple deal.

Anyone, literally ANYONE could make a call and buy that bat for the highest amount of money they were ready to pay for it.

And guess what? The bat was auctioned for PKR 100,000.00 on the very same show!!! Isn’t that AWESOME???

If you were unable to watch the Digithon LIVE then don’t worry, you can still watch it here:

Pakistan's First Ever LIVE Digital Donation Drive – Digithon #ForEdhi!

Posted by Coca-Cola on Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Momina Mustehsan Donated PKR 1 million!!!

This girl never fails to surprise her fans, does she? Besides being famous for her appearance on the most popular musical show of the country, Coke Studio, Momina is known for her efforts in societal development through her involvement in various projects, especially focusing on women empowerment, education and health.

Taking a lead on this occasion as well, Momina announced the donation of PKR 1 million from her end for Edhi Foundation which is a highly appreciative move, mainly because, while you encourage others to participate in such a noble cause, it’s vital to set an example yourself first. And this is exactly what she did.

Bottle Of Change And How It Works

Coca-Cola Pakistan has done their part by initiating this campaign and raising more funds via Digithon. It is now our responsibility to take this movement a level up and do our part.

To get more information about Bottle Of Change and to understand the mechanism for donation, please visit

If you have any queries or suggestions, then please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.




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Dasani Is THE Best Bottled Water For You – Here’s Why!




According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Pakistan comes at 80th place among 122 countries in drinking water quality. And so, the  sales of bottled water have highly increased in the country. Keeping this demand of clean drinking water in view, the beverage giant, Coca-Cola, has recently launched it’s water brand Dasani in the country. Dasani is THE best bottled water for you – here’s why!

Dasani Is Being Sold in 35+ Countries Not Just Pakistan

The Coca-Cola Family of Water Brands is sold in 150+ countries and Dasani being one of those brands, launched in 1999, is being sold in 35+ countries around the world.

Dasani is one of the three Billion Dollar water brands within the Coca-Cola system now available in Pakistan as well.

Where Is Dasani Coming From?

Dasani water comes to you from a deep underground local source. It is then purified and filled using high-safety standards and modern technology at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. plants in Rahim Yar Khan and Gujranwala.

Bottled Water Consumption in Pakistan

It’s a known fact that with the increase in population and urbanization, access to clean water in Pakistan is decreasing each day and the bottled water consumption is increasing rapidly.

Evidently, the demand of bottled water is also high, thus, more brands are emerging in the market which means that we as consumers have multiple options available.

But then we should be very careful with which brand we choose for consumption and why. A wise choice will always be beneficial for us and the society in the long run.

Why Dasani?

Why not? Dasani has just launched in Pakistan and is a brand that offers safe and healthy water consumption at an affordable price. Keeping the issue of water contamination in view, those who can afford are eager to spend on bottled water instead.

Also , the brand is ISO certified which means that it’s quality standards are high and it’s completely safe to drink.

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We Are Thirsting Over This New TVC Of Coca-Cola – Are You?




Coca-Cola Pakistan

Although we Pakistanis love the month of March for many reasons including ‘Basant’ and the promise of spring in the air, this month also brings with it the scorching, sizzling sun. The blistering afternoons that can sometimes induce extreme lethargy and a sense of sluggishness can only be combatted with a long, refreshing, chilled drink of Coke. Coca-Cola has launched their new TVC with the thematic of ‘Coke vs. Chai’ and the ad is a follow-up of their campaign #ZaalimaCocaColaPilaDe from last year. Undoubtedly, we are thirsting over this new TVC of Coca-Cola – are you?

Chai Ko Thand Kara De

Coca-Cola Pakistan

Could the communication be bolder than this? We don’t think so. And we aren’t even surprised by it considering the fact that last year as well, Coca-Cola boldly communicated the need of Coke to be the preferred choice in this scorching summer heat. The additional hashtag previously used for this purpose was #ChaiNahiCoke .

The Chilling Coke TVC

Coca-Cola Pakistan

The TVC features Maya Ali and Ahad Raza Mir and is brilliantly executed. Watching the ad makes us reach into our coolers and take a sip of some ice-cold Coke every time we see it.

Coca-Cola Pakistan

Just like this?

Coca-Cola Pakistan

The Social Media War

This campaign generated a lot of fun comebacks and reactions last year, setting the local social media scene on fire. Which is to be expected considering Pakistan is so big on ‘chai-love’. We’re as Pakistani as it goes and needs the chai hit as much as the next person. But you have to agree, in the intense heat of our hot, humid summers, our usual dose of tea hardly quenches the deep thirst that accompanies this zaalim weather.
Our summertime madness is cured by foregoing chai in favor of thandi Coca-Cola.

Who Wins – Coke or Chai?

Coca-Cola Pakistan

We think that Coke definitely wins over tea when it comes to beating the heat. Like the TVC says, garmi main ‘Chai ko thand kara dey, Zalima Coca-Cola pilay dey’.

We were anticipating the certain meme war with great relish soon as the TVC as aired and our fellows on social platforms didn’t disappoint us. See some interesting memes below,

While we can clearly see that Coke is winning the Digital war too, we would still like to hear the opinions of our readers.

To join the conversation or to tell us what you think about the whole campaign, comment on the post or post on twitter, tagging @penchowk and use the hashtag #ChaiKoThandKarade.

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